Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (Audio)

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Music video by Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande performing Rain On Me (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records

Gilbert Sovarzo
Gilbert Sovarzo 20 timmar sedan
Hi Ariana Grande Lady Gaga😊
Gilbert Sovarzo
Gilbert Sovarzo 20 timmar sedan
luis loco
luis loco 3 dagar sedan
avengers 4 trailer
Covered By Nobantu
Covered By Nobantu 4 dagar sedan
I need to hear this song in the cluuurbs! 😅☝🏽
Doody Stainz
Doody Stainz 5 dagar sedan
im a dude and i vibe to this
Ash DeMilo
Ash DeMilo 5 dagar sedan
Two of my top 3 pop singers together. A dream come true.
theoven isntburning
theoven isntburning 6 dagar sedan
*weather reporter in 2050*
Ethan Bwii
Ethan Bwii 7 dagar sedan
this is how rain sounds in planet chromatica
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 7 dagar sedan
To anyone saying this is a song you play when the homies aren't around. Get yourself gay homies! *Life is too short*
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 7 dagar sedan
Still got *Chromatica on repeat.* I'm not even gonna lie. *I'm GAY.*
Leidy Rodriguez
Leidy Rodriguez 7 dagar sedan
This song is perfect because my girlfriend is obsessed with Lady Gaga and I'm obsessed with Ariana Grande and we can have a twerk-off/duet
Pantera da neve
Pantera da neve 10 dagar sedan
Minha música favorita RAN ON ME
A Returning Dog
A Returning Dog 12 dagar sedan
Water like Missouri
Bella Lorie
Bella Lorie 12 dagar sedan
Love you bitch 😘
CameraMan66 13 dagar sedan
Jamming this song in car max volume in the rain!
Bxbble rxblox
Bxbble rxblox 14 dagar sedan
And I’m obsessed with this
Bxbble rxblox
Bxbble rxblox 14 dagar sedan
When I’m taking a shower I listen to this!?
Teera Xo
Teera Xo 15 dagar sedan
This is such a great song 😍
Alice Diaz
Alice Diaz 16 dagar sedan
darius rucker
Bruhv Period
Bruhv Period 17 dagar sedan
The gay anthem 😭💇🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️
Nicole Bakoussis
Nicole Bakoussis 17 dagar sedan
I love this song
Chantel Whaley
Chantel Whaley 18 dagar sedan
These are two voices I’d never thought I’d hear together I love this one hundred percent
nogivingin 19 dagar sedan
LASWEIt is a love me the make in my name is awaited for making me so much to make a profile where
Zły Pet
Zły Pet 19 dagar sedan
piekna jestes
tenorbuds 19 dagar sedan
This is the Gaga dance pop song that we needed and I've been waiting for this collab to happen for years and it didn't disappoint. Their voices together is just incredible and this new Gaga era is already turning out to be extra iconic. Both woman put so much heart in their music and to see them come together to give us such an upbeat and fun song to dance to with everything going on is really awesome. I can't get enough of Ariana's riffs and runs in this song too and we covered Ari's new song “Stuck With U” on my channel, hope you will watch it. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we found the song of Summer 2020.
Kimberly FloresRamirez
Kimberly FloresRamirez 13 dagar sedan
Warriorbeast13 22 dagar sedan
Hate this song with a passion every day this song plays at work 🙃
linda ella
linda ella 22 dagar sedan
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Storytelling by
Storytelling by 23 dagar sedan
Meli Butera
Meli Butera 24 dagar sedan
Love it
Meli Butera
Meli Butera 24 dagar sedan
I love
Andri Vidam
Andri Vidam 24 dagar sedan
Leanna Smotherman
Leanna Smotherman 24 dagar sedan
Love it I like when you said it’s coming down on me !!!!
gwiyo sushi
gwiyo sushi 25 dagar sedan
why does the intro sounded like the ones in fallout shelter lol
bobby g
bobby g 25 dagar sedan
I can't believe lady gaga invented the rain
Kerri McAlister
Kerri McAlister 26 dagar sedan
Every time I listen to this it rains! ☹️🤣
Benjamin Weber
Benjamin Weber 27 dagar sedan
david pakman
valeria Dos Santos Cardoso
valeria Dos Santos Cardoso 27 dagar sedan
Rain on me ta sendo a melhor música #2020
OPtimal 28 dagar sedan
This sounds like "future music" from the 2000s and I love it. The style needs to be revived
Nestor Ascanio
Nestor Ascanio 28 dagar sedan
I am obsessed with this song !! It seems to me like it is the "we found love" of this decade.
CameraMan66 29 dagar sedan
Fun fact: This song has 100 million more views than Stupid Love
Bellastar131 Månad sedan
my mom: your room is so nasty omg me: 0:00
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Månad sedan
Lady Gaga you have to read the Bible and get close to God to fill that emptiness in side. You have everything and yet u are not fulfilled. Read the word of God and find him so he can fill that empty spot inside of u.
Jan Sport's Lost Win
Jan Sport's Lost Win 14 dagar sedan
@Sylveon they're embarrassing themselves Chile plssss
Sylveon 25 dagar sedan
Chile not this boomer in the comment section
Pen Pink
Pen Pink Månad sedan
When i first time listen to this song I thought the beet is too speed but now I think its match well
Lai Đoàn
Lai Đoàn Månad sedan
mỏtal kombat 11 trailer
Fluk Sogood
Fluk Sogood Månad sedan
SoGood ... Love *__*
Franklin Martins
Franklin Martins Månad sedan
Anitta - ME GUSTA (feat Cardi B and Myke Towers) 🇧🇷🇺🇸
hyunjin____1 Månad sedan
i just realise the 'rain on me' is melting
Leo Rowan
Leo Rowan Månad sedan
2010: Lady Gaga & Beyoncé 2020: Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande 2030: Lady Gaga & Madonna
serjee W
serjee W Månad sedan
ha ha what controversial utterance in this song, actually my singer ari grande was displeased from me maybe , but my word is" there you are!" Aria grande you was judge about me soon about come down on your eyes or am not come alive, in any event i got buzz from your song ,that's very nice of you for your song about me, thanks alot m.s lady gaga which i heard after above 10 years your nice voice, am looking forward to your next song about me again,your sincerely one
i3 Månad sedan
Ari should've add the whistle in the original track omg...
Zianya Quiroz Kane
Zianya Quiroz Kane Månad sedan
I love this song!!!!
Finger licking Good
Finger licking Good Månad sedan
My hands when I wash them because of COVID:RAIN ON MEEEEE🧼🌧
Lily Ann
Lily Ann Månad sedan
I didn’t give this song a fair shot, I didn’t even listen to it before and I disliked it. But hearing it now, it’s really good and I’m happy that it’s a song I can jam out to. Sounds like a song I’d listen to when I need to feel better!☺️
ursinho e gabriel
ursinho e gabriel Månad sedan
Eu aprendi a cantar ela
The Nun
The Nun Månad sedan
17K people don’t want it to rain on them.
Rabia Khan
Rabia Khan Månad sedan
I hit Ariana’s whistle notes, can y’all check it out?
abby Månad sedan
made a cover of this song, please check it out!!
Lord Feralina Evanesca
Lord Feralina Evanesca Månad sedan
Who's not paying attention looking at the "rain on me" melting on this vid while listening to this song? Anyways i love playing this song and i love the beat and vocals especially Ariana Grande's
Wig in orbit
Wig in orbit Månad sedan
I never noticed the “rain on me” symbol melting as the audio progressed....
Alex Santiago
Alex Santiago 16 dagar sedan
LADY GAGA & ARIANA GRANDE Rain On Me Revamped & Extended edit:
Javier de Jesús
Javier de Jesús Månad sedan
Cool song
yisela beatriz pereira
yisela beatriz pereira Månad sedan
yisela beatriz pereira
yisela beatriz pereira Månad sedan
yisela beatriz pereira
yisela beatriz pereira Månad sedan
Milica Savic
Milica Savic Månad sedan
Is this just me starting on those slightly older albums and songs?
C FERVAR Månad sedan
A 80s/ 90s sound... Good job
Danzwme Månad sedan
I forever was singing "I love every drop but at least I'm not lying" I like Gaga's lyric but I'll keep doing my line. Go ahead, u know u want to try my lyric 😏 Seeeeeee, it works, right?
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
magna Månad sedan
RA IN/ON ME. Ok. Wondering what's the truth Ariana is singing about. Still catchy, and really exciting because the rhythm and their voices together make you want to start dancing or at least moving.
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
Thiago Costa
Thiago Costa Månad sedan
Please, let it wash away my sins
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
Kaitlynn Garza
Kaitlynn Garza Månad sedan
This song is so bad why did it make #1
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
cody phillips
cody phillips Månad sedan
My life motto: I'd rather be dry but at least I'm alive.
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
Jayvien Sam
Jayvien Sam Månad sedan
Why i thought when i first heard the lyrics.. Yooo i thought Ari amd Gaga said "i rather be drunk but at least im in love" 😂😂😂
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
يوسف الصديق
يوسف الصديق Månad sedan Rain on me dance
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
Miro A.
Miro A. Månad sedan
Tsk I can't unhear the part " I'd rather be dry but" as "I'd rather be DRY BONE" as in dry bones from the super mario franchise 🤦🏻‍♀️ You're welcome ...
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
traindude32 Månad sedan
This is the shit I would jam at a nightclub or a bar if 'rona didn't happen
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
Elber ReblE
Elber ReblE Månad sedan
Linda 💜💗💓😍
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
cristhian gadea
cristhian gadea Månad sedan
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
Lynn Kraft
Lynn Kraft Månad sedan
Brilliant and very compelling. Her finest piece of performance art. Definitely on my 2floraBrooklyn Mix.
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones Månad sedan
Hi everyone! Please RT the poster I designed inspired by Rain On Me, it would mean so much.
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones Månad sedan
@Miles Trevhor hello
Miles Trevhor
Miles Trevhor Månad sedan
Ahmadfarhan Fuad
Ahmadfarhan Fuad Månad sedan
I like lady gaga
adrielly Gamer
adrielly Gamer Månad sedan
adrielly Gamer
adrielly Gamer Månad sedan
Top Trending Lyrics
Top Trending Lyrics Månad sedan
I love this Ariana Grandè girl Click on the link below for the full lyrics of this song
Paper Doll
Paper Doll Månad sedan
I guess 17,000 people didn't want her to get rained on.
TRG Månad sedan
Rain dancing in 2020 be like
akcel aylan
akcel aylan Månad sedan
Je kiff vraiment bravo
Justin MahadiVEVO
Justin MahadiVEVO Månad sedan
Jessica A
Jessica A Månad sedan
This song gives me major drag queen vibes and I’m living for it
Upper Kace
Upper Kace Månad sedan
This song and cover art gives me such prime late 90s-early 2000s vibes and I live it for that
Lyza Lyza
Lyza Lyza Månad sedan
Wow when the song starts going this word is melting!
It’s Do3aa
It’s Do3aa Månad sedan
People who dislike this song DOSEN’T SHOWER
Nestor Ascanio
Nestor Ascanio Månad sedan
I can't stop listening to this song from day one.. And in each listened I like it more and more.
Alexi Yuu
Alexi Yuu Månad sedan
D C Månad sedan
Shower anthem 101
I can't think of a good name
I can't think of a good name Månad sedan
Am i the only one who thinks gaga should duet with Shakira
David Blanco
David Blanco Månad sedan
Rain on me! After of 3 months!!!
Escape Månad sedan
ok but waiting for Lady Gaga x Miley Cyrus
Keeara Thomas
Keeara Thomas Månad sedan
Alright H&M, hollister, and forever 21 do your thing.
Jasmine Farmer
Jasmine Farmer Månad sedan
The “Rain On Me” melting in the middle👀👏🏾
JustR -J
JustR -J Månad sedan
it basically means ejaculate on them right?
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