Lady Gaga - Free Woman (Audio)

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Free Woman (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records

Magdalena Czerniak
Magdalena Czerniak Timme sedan
Polish women fight for their rights and freedom!
Yzyzhukiu Penitrio
Yzyzhukiu Penitrio Timme sedan
Anthem 8 March ...💅👠👘👙👢👚👗👒👜👝👛💵📚
kevin largacha
kevin largacha 15 timmar sedan
2:42 OMG one of the bets parts on the album
cristineitor perrooso
cristineitor perrooso Dag sedan
un detras de camaras porfavor
m139 2 dagar sedan
So gooood in Poland right now #strajkkobiet
Alejandro Santano Perez
Alejandro Santano Perez 2 dagar sedan
Marvellous, mother monster has spoken 💕
Roby D'Ottavio
Roby D'Ottavio 3 dagar sedan
I love you
Jessica Amanda
Jessica Amanda 3 dagar sedan
Please please pleasee make a video for this song GAGA 😭!
Hiran Matheus
Hiran Matheus 3 dagar sedan
I can’t wait for a Drag Race lipsync of this song
Ronnie ortiz ocasio
Ronnie ortiz ocasio 4 dagar sedan
I'm gay and a free women 💜💁💜💁💜💁💜
Andrew J A Lee
Andrew J A Lee 6 dagar sedan
The music video should just be Lady Gaga drag queens.
dobleves rodriguez
dobleves rodriguez 6 dagar sedan
que caiga esta rola en un concierto suyo despues de 2 horas de pop intenso , poderoso.... ufff imaginatelooooo
Ana María Quispe Flores
Ana María Quispe Flores 6 dagar sedan
Gaga poderosa com siempre.
dorina lulea
dorina lulea 7 dagar sedan
2:41 Gaga screaming
Ana María Quispe Flores
Ana María Quispe Flores 7 dagar sedan
Nathan Clouse
Nathan Clouse 10 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: Lady Gaga wanted to name this album after this song but went with Chromatica instead, as she “still struggles with being a free woman”
Uiliton Sá
Uiliton Sá 11 dagar sedan
Eu amo tanto
dorina lulea
dorina lulea 11 dagar sedan
Girl Scream "I'm A FREE WOMA EE A EE A EE A EE AN" 2:41
Esteban Gualteros
Esteban Gualteros 12 dagar sedan
*2:17** Best part of this song!*
david 12 dagar sedan
guys this is slowly becoming my favourite from chromatica...
Armazi Monster
Armazi Monster 13 dagar sedan
Paul Gregg
Paul Gregg 13 dagar sedan
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Delight Loves Movies
Delight Loves Movies 13 dagar sedan
I love Lady Gaga.
Markiezel 13 dagar sedan
vasiliherzog 13 dagar sedan
After months I can say that this is the best song of the entire album
Philippe Hoyez
Philippe Hoyez 14 dagar sedan
Fantastic album from Milady Gaga !
laurene moreo
laurene moreo 15 dagar sedan
↘ good video,8star 8:09 👍♥️😍😈👻
Rhapsody HC Mashups
Rhapsody HC Mashups 15 dagar sedan
Alice - Free Imagination Stupid Love - Free Love Rain On Me - Free Emotions Free Woman - Free Woman Fun Tonight - Free from Restraint 911 - Free from Self Plastic Doll - Free from Sex Sour Candy - Free Acceptance Enigma - Free Relationship Replay - Free from Trauma Sine From Above - Free Healing 1000 Doves - Free Recovery Babylon - Free Life
Ana María Quispe Flores
Ana María Quispe Flores 7 dagar sedan
Love you!, this describes Chromatica completely 👌👌👌💖💖💖
Just Cade
Just Cade 17 dagar sedan
BroadcastDr 17 dagar sedan
Glad to live in a time and place where women are empowered by freedom.
nicole ortiz
nicole ortiz 18 dagar sedan
567chat. com
567chat. com 18 dagar sedan
↑ LIVE CHAT good video.4star 9:94 👍😂🤣😈👻
Gabriel Rodrigues
Gabriel Rodrigues 18 dagar sedan
Isn't she tired of releasing the best album of the year since 2008?
The silent guy Bryant
The silent guy Bryant 18 dagar sedan
How the order of Chromatica should have been Chromatica 1 Alice Stupid love Fun tonight Chromatica 2 911 Enigma Replay Chromatica 3 Sine from above 1000 doves Rain on me Plastic doll Free woman Sour candy Babylon
ryam Cancer
ryam Cancer 18 dagar sedan
i’m free women !!!!
Massimo Giovanetti
Massimo Giovanetti 18 dagar sedan
Yr voice is wonderfull
Richard James
Richard James 19 dagar sedan
Be Free!
Guilherme RLS
Guilherme RLS 19 dagar sedan
I LOVE how she says "emotion" !!!
Guilherme RLS
Guilherme RLS 19 dagar sedan
Listen to "Honey Dijon Remix" !!!!
edwin jeovani santos cuellar
edwin jeovani santos cuellar 19 dagar sedan
Me llega como vino a revivir el Dance pop de aquellos tiempos de los 2000`s
shamiram mesdjiest
shamiram mesdjiest 21 dag sedan
perfect video.1star 👍♥️🤣😘👍
dorina lulea
dorina lulea 21 dag sedan
LG screams 2:41
Edson henrique da silva
Edson henrique da silva 22 dagar sedan
Lady Gaga foi indicada a 7 categorias do prêmio EMA2020 E vamos votar. Gaga tem que levar esses prêmios
Airius Adam
Airius Adam 22 dagar sedan
Fight your freedom, woman!
Angel Javier Ocampo Quiñones
Angel Javier Ocampo Quiñones 22 dagar sedan
I won't stop bitching with this song
VALENTINA SPINOLA 23 dagar sedan
my favorite part is everything song, this song it makes me feel like a FREE MARYLAND when i listen to her i go crazy, I´M A FREE MARYLA AIAIAIAIE E EI, I´M A FREE MARYLAND HO, HOUW, {BE FREE}. we are FREE MARYLANDS, do not forget.
Teera Xo
Teera Xo 23 dagar sedan
"When i was singing free woman i was singing it for the trans commnunity thats the only way i could make sense of the song for myself" - Lady Gaga
Hatika Zizani
Hatika Zizani 24 dagar sedan
Im free transgenderrrrr
ваше величество
ваше величество 24 dagar sedan
I like Lady gaga!!! And you!?
ваше величество
ваше величество 16 dagar sedan
@Ana María Quispe Flores я не смикаю, но крутооо оо!!!!!!!
Ana María Quispe Flores
Ana María Quispe Flores 23 dagar sedan
The Rocker
The Rocker 24 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: Song was written and produced by Axwell (Swedish House Mafia member)
Larita Santiago
Larita Santiago 25 dagar sedan
Next Music Video in the making.
Fløw3r Cåt
Fløw3r Cåt 25 dagar sedan
I lOvEeeeeeeEeEeeeE this song
Alberto Torres
Alberto Torres 25 dagar sedan
Gaga invented the free womans, omg what a legend
Chloe Kii
Chloe Kii 25 dagar sedan
she is a free woman with her G.U.Y 😌
Muhammad Nazri
Muhammad Nazri 26 dagar sedan
Gaga You Are My Legend, My Big Idol, My Favourite Figure after Muhammad, You Are so very Big and All people In this World Know you are The one a lonely ARTIST.
Thiago Ventura
Thiago Ventura 26 dagar sedan
I prefer the demo version. The beats, the force are amazing. The final version is light and good too
doug thompson
doug thompson 27 dagar sedan
This song is just so good. It's one I find I'm bringing the needle to all too often when I put the vinyl on.
Danny t.
Danny t. 27 dagar sedan
Can't believe Gaga invented Women's Freedom
Horacio Gonzalez
Horacio Gonzalez 23 dagar sedan
wallen biju
wallen biju 28 dagar sedan
amo essa musica obrigado gaga
berna pormilda
berna pormilda 28 dagar sedan
I dont know why others hate this song. One of my fave in the album 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Storytelling by
Storytelling by 29 dagar sedan
christian salvador
christian salvador Månad sedan
This song makes me wanna shop in malls with my 6inch heels on like a free woman this song made out of from a boy like me.
Reverse Mummification
Reverse Mummification Månad sedan
1.1k people who watched this video weren’t free women 😢
Nebularum Jenkins
Nebularum Jenkins Månad sedan
¡Marvellous, this music and 80´s 90´s electronic is your best choice! simply love it, simply love u. Thank you for leaving us those good moments of happiness listening to this fantastic music.
Horacio Gonzalez
Horacio Gonzalez 23 dagar sedan
Eurodance 💯
Michael Garces
Michael Garces Månad sedan
Damn! This song makes me feel how free I am as a woman. Oh! I'm a man.
Jhon Cuenca
Jhon Cuenca Månad sedan
Next singles : 🍬 Sour Candy (oficial video) 🐇 ALICE (promo) 👽 Enigma 🔄 Replay * 🙏 Sine From Above* 🔚 Babylon * *songs that's probably come out with sure.
Ana María Quispe Flores
Ana María Quispe Flores 23 dagar sedan
Mandie Månad sedan
the eurodance mix of this is gonna be FIRE
Sebas Escobar
Sebas Escobar Månad sedan
Quiero saber lo que se viene en 2021🥰🥰🤧🤧🤯 de seguro ganara 13 nominaciones ella es una luchadora y vencedora de todo mal por eso me encanta ¡¡I LOVE U SO MUCH!
Hazim A. Hassan
Hazim A. Hassan Månad sedan
who else can sense it that this one will be a single one day? 😛
Rafael Lyrio
Rafael Lyrio Månad sedan
The chorus (like the part at 0:41) reminds me of a Pogo remix (if anyone knows who this is)
Syyleste Månad sedan
“I’m still something If I don’t got a man” Best lyric I’ve heard all year!!!!! We need to hear more of this in our society! No one can complete yourself, but yourself.
Live_Wire Månad sedan
Free Woman and Fun tonight my absolute favourites ❤️❤️
Carolina Sweet
Carolina Sweet 28 dagar sedan
Same!!! ❤
Diego Araga
Diego Araga 29 dagar sedan
Gerry Amasias P Onza
Gerry Amasias P Onza Månad sedan
Omg taste
Miguel Angel Cordero
Miguel Angel Cordero Månad sedan
Es mi canción favorita de ese álbum ... Aunque en realidad todas estan buenísimas 😉🐱
Tavinho gari
Tavinho gari Månad sedan
This is true music
JengoMango Månad sedan
So buoyant! Best song on the album.
Raymond Pastoral
Raymond Pastoral Månad sedan
Add the bridge in the free woman demo and it will end inequality and oppression
Cesar Brandariz
Cesar Brandariz Månad sedan
Soy hetero y amo sus canciones, ella es guapa y sexy ella es la reina del pop.
Esau Lara
Esau Lara Månad sedan
Magia para mis oídos ❤️
Mc Z Zulu
Mc Z Zulu Månad sedan
Even the guys sing this BANGIN' SONG not only the gays
Richard Cruz
Richard Cruz Månad sedan
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen Månad sedan
Open your eyes in the last days.. For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul..⌚💣🧠💪😏..wake up playtime is over....Repent ⚠️.......
Gaga Germanotta
Gaga Germanotta Månad sedan
2010 - Free Bitch 2020 - Free Woman *I C O N I C*
Aleksandar Rakic
Aleksandar Rakic Månad sedan
Gerry Amasias P Onza
Gerry Amasias P Onza Månad sedan
I'm waiting for this to be the next single
burano peach
burano peach Månad sedan
Singing this super loud for my mum that just got told by my dad he wants a divorce. You don't need him mama you are a free woman ❤️
Andrea Sghn
Andrea Sghn Månad sedan
wintour chrome
wintour chrome Månad sedan
This could literally be in an ending of a movie where the main character walks out of the party, smiling, and realizing she's contented with her life and narrating while driving her car out of the city..
George Tsiolis
George Tsiolis Månad sedan
That moment at 2:33 where she fucking BELTS it: "I'm a free woman!". Chills. No really....chills.
Nik Månad sedan
2:34 CHILLS.
Jesse Toscano
Jesse Toscano Månad sedan
Mi canción favorito del álbum debería ser single sin duda :D
Mad Ting
Mad Ting Månad sedan
Love it, love it.
Laufer Regina
Laufer Regina Månad sedan
Free woman better than 911 🙄🤦‍♀️🔥
Alexsa SteW
Alexsa SteW Månad sedan
an MV of this song would be perfect !!! this song is amazing
Poppy 🌹Rose🌹
Poppy 🌹Rose🌹 Månad sedan
Im a free woman now and forever 😩😭😭😭😻😻
Duka Smor
Duka Smor Månad sedan
911 is the next single. Music video out tomorrow
dorina lulea
dorina lulea Månad sedan
2:41 I'm Laughing so much!!😂😂😍😅😜
Road Rover
Road Rover Månad sedan
This should have been the 3rd single. They fucked up. 911 will flop.
koko kokolo
koko kokolo Månad sedan
Love it
Archie’s Aussie Adventures
Archie’s Aussie Adventures Månad sedan
My favorite song
Juan Manuel Humbert Garcia
Juan Manuel Humbert Garcia Månad sedan
Our academy winner has always been a free woman 😋😋😍😍
Alex Vert
Alex Vert Månad sedan
Lady Gaga invented freedom
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