Lady Gaga - Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

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On Sunday, February 5th, 2017 Lady Gaga took to the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl stage for the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, performing some of her biggest hits including Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Million Reasons off of her new album, Joanne.

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Julia Furtado
Julia Furtado 15 minuter sedan
simply the best super Bowl to date
Shidomyi 3 timmar sedan
This woman is from another fucking world she is so talented
carlos agudelo
carlos agudelo 3 timmar sedan
la mejor presentación que he visto en super bowl, la verdad he sido poco seguidor de lady gaga, pero no me canso de ver este video. en pocas palabras es espectacular. gracias
MARIANNA VAGNINI 4 timmar sedan
Watching this again and showing this MASTER CLASS to my choir students it represents years of training, hard work and an insane amount of talent! Superb, Lady Gaga!! XOXO
marco vera zavala
marco vera zavala 5 timmar sedan
Does anyone know the name of the dancer who appears at the end of the show with Gaga, or how can I find him on instagram? 😊🙄
farukyaz 5 timmar sedan
6:09 ---->
zoltan lajos varga
zoltan lajos varga 5 timmar sedan
wow cool
wow cool 7 timmar sedan
best super bowl show ever
wow cool
wow cool 7 timmar sedan
i can wach this all day
mb 00
mb 00 8 timmar sedan
Too bad there is no Alejandro😭
Sara De Araújo cunha
Sara De Araújo cunha 12 timmar sedan
Que performance da Lady Gaga 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
MAXX 12 timmar sedan
I’ve watched it too many times
Marilyn Liew
Marilyn Liew 13 timmar sedan
She is a true legend
Angel's Adventure
Angel's Adventure 18 timmar sedan
I tend to forget that lady gaga can look like a normal human. 😂
Jordan Bledsoe
Jordan Bledsoe 20 timmar sedan
I’ll never forget this night hail brady
Brooke Ranson
Brooke Ranson 21 timme sedan
Mark Ford
Mark Ford Dag sedan
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YoSoyPooh Dag sedan
Look that belly I love it HAAHHA
Frank Markus
Frank Markus Dag sedan
Fearless!!!! Love her.
jean kim
jean kim Dag sedan
i survived covid to rewatch this!
164 SP
164 SP Dag sedan
Aiona Dag sedan
Александр Жигалов
Александр Жигалов Dag sedan
rupbasanjakartapusat Dag sedan
*Lady Gaga* --------------------> is amazing when she looks, and I really like her, because she has such a fantastic voice
Carolina Brenda Salcedo
Carolina Brenda Salcedo Dag sedan
Teddy Martinez
Teddy Martinez Dag sedan
Master_MindCraft Dag sedan
if gaga hugged you you would like = die reply = die (of happines) but i would start crying at least i was crying when i saw gaga cry so if she hugged me idk what would happen
Vaevictis 2 dagar sedan
the intro is the cringiest shit i have ever heard. It's like a commercial for the united states because you know, people shall not stop being brainwashed, right government and media industry?
Jay Ritch
Jay Ritch 2 dagar sedan
Lady Gaga certainly isn't afraid of heights. Just remember, anyone can be molded into a legend if they have decent talent and connections. They made Madonna a legend also along with The Beatles. If they hadn't met Brain Epstein and George Martin, they wouldn't have gone anywhere except locally.
Uka Эзэгнэгч
Uka Эзэгнэгч 2 dagar sedan
Hill Moz
Hill Moz 2 dagar sedan
I miss this Gaga!!!
hwd71 2 dagar sedan
I love you Lady Ga Ga ❤✝️🙏✝️⚓✝️🙌🇺🇲❤from Australia 🇦🇺
Asmir Sulejmanagič
Asmir Sulejmanagič 2 dagar sedan
She is a avesole performer and singer, I didnt know that.
Lol Memes
Lol Memes 2 dagar sedan
I remember the memes from this performance
yoom 2 dagar sedan
Casper Olesen
Casper Olesen 2 dagar sedan
When you reach the level of fame, someone is hired to hold your microphone
Super Star 29
Super Star 29 2 dagar sedan
🇺🇸🙋🏼‍♀️🌠 When Lady Gaga TALKS we ALL Listen. MAYBE she should RUN for "First Woman PRESIDENCY!"
zodiacbells *
zodiacbells * 2 dagar sedan
9:48 imagine getting to hug LADY GAGA omfg
Julia maria Cepek
Julia maria Cepek 2 dagar sedan
Wow that was after Michael Jackson 's superbowl the best I've *ever* seen. The singing and the performing were on top. Love and respect to queen gaga❤️
Catherine Delou
Catherine Delou 2 dagar sedan
Jajaja alguien que halla visto a los dos bailarines que se cayeron en principio de la primera canción
Mila Ferguson
Mila Ferguson 3 dagar sedan
I love Lady Gaga she is beautiful
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 3 dagar sedan
Jared Ortiz
Jared Ortiz 3 dagar sedan
Not a fan of Gaga but this performance was outstanding!!!
AbdUlzIZ Sulaiman
AbdUlzIZ Sulaiman 3 dagar sedan
Best super bowl performance ever!!!
Kallisto Indrani
Kallisto Indrani 3 dagar sedan
This is EPIC
Marvin Mktavish
Marvin Mktavish 3 dagar sedan
Some young and dumb country music fan Trump supporter asked me the other day ... Isn't lady Gaga really a man ?
Mauricio Caro
Mauricio Caro 3 dagar sedan
2:58 un bailarín se cae pero se levanta rápido jajaja
Carolanne Boulay
Carolanne Boulay 3 dagar sedan
Johnny Campoverde Ramírez
Johnny Campoverde Ramírez 3 dagar sedan
Charie Mae Manarpiis
Charie Mae Manarpiis 3 dagar sedan
I love you ❤️❤️❤️
Vanessa Stavick
Vanessa Stavick 3 dagar sedan
Sensacional 👏
J 4 dagar sedan
anyone notice the volume is higher here compared to the NFL vid?
ElaSaunders 4 dagar sedan
remember when you'd get a glimps of the crowd and they were loosing their shit and it just inspired you so bad because it was we get paid, choreographed colored-torch-holder idiots... paid.. make gaga look has happened to society
Throwaway 2
Throwaway 2 3 dagar sedan
sweetie they weren't there to make gaga look "liked" I dunno what you're going on about
Фируза Ростовская
Фируза Ростовская 4 dagar sedan
Буровой и не снилось!!!
Vincent Urrabazo
Vincent Urrabazo 4 dagar sedan
Best super bowl performance in history
taku jii
taku jii 4 dagar sedan
Lady Gaga MASK❣️【Nyaon Hamanako 】🐱from Japan 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵Takujii presents
Pound Coin
Pound Coin 4 dagar sedan
She smashed it ❤️
S. Shahbazian
S. Shahbazian 4 dagar sedan
She was bribed by Azerbaijan and Turkey. I don't respect her, and she sings for justice.idiot
WeiMei Hsu
WeiMei Hsu 4 dagar sedan
Lady Gaga #1! 👍
mazariamonti 4 dagar sedan
When people look back maybe even ten years from now this will easily be in the running for being one of the best halftime performances ever.
Misty mac
Misty mac 2 dagar sedan
THE best💞
Arecinae 4 dagar sedan
Man this performance had me in tears for some reason! She is a legend!
Agnieszka Trasa
Agnieszka Trasa 4 dagar sedan
Wow she's flying
Lindsay Berndt
Lindsay Berndt 5 dagar sedan
How in the world is she not out of breath that entire production? BADASS.
Andrea Elauria Capulong
Andrea Elauria Capulong 5 dagar sedan
E-girl 5 dagar sedan
She is so tired when she gets to bad romance 🥺
Adam Parrish
Adam Parrish 3 dagar sedan
Wouldn't you be???
Kamil ZIMA
Kamil ZIMA 5 dagar sedan
Iconic ♥️
Noah Jackson 20
Noah Jackson 20 5 dagar sedan
Chromatica Brought Me Here
GokuVegeta ŌzaruŌgon
GokuVegeta ŌzaruŌgon 5 dagar sedan
La canción más v er ga s de todas es bad romance y le quitan la grosería 👍🏻😀❤️💚💛💜💙🧡 We need concert in Mexico lady gaga 2021
Victor Melendez
Victor Melendez 5 dagar sedan
Forever!!!!!!!!! ILY.
Carine SN
Carine SN 5 dagar sedan
Será que sou vi um bailarino caindo?
Caenmort Abbadon
Caenmort Abbadon 5 dagar sedan
justin salomon
justin salomon 6 dagar sedan
How I wish singers nowadays can perform like this
Lita Mazlan
Lita Mazlan 6 dagar sedan
This is how a legend creates history
SamLouise Charlotte
SamLouise Charlotte 6 dagar sedan
October 23 2020, rewatching this fantastic, mind blowing, and spectacular performance that she ever had!! Thank you so much Lady Gaga! You're truly amazing 👏👏👏
Karime Blanco beh
Karime Blanco beh 6 dagar sedan
I Love just dance
Laura De Wit
Laura De Wit 6 dagar sedan
8.41 'hey dad, hi mom' the sweetest thing ever 😫❤
Laurie Faith Prescott
Laurie Faith Prescott 6 dagar sedan
We also need to give credit to that Audience right below the stage with the lights in their hands. Memorizing that choreography and still having a great time
Mari R
Mari R 6 dagar sedan
Mariola Loboz
Mariola Loboz 6 dagar sedan
She is involved in satanic practice and that is extremely disappointing
Eduardo Revilla Vilcamango
Eduardo Revilla Vilcamango 6 dagar sedan
The performance of the century 😍😍😍
Mika Lumbaa
Mika Lumbaa 6 dagar sedan
Nooooo, she soo amazing. . the best love it so much
Gibrán Carlo Pavía Cetina
Gibrán Carlo Pavía Cetina 6 dagar sedan
si se le hubiera caido el balon hubiera estado cagado
Jorge antonio Martinez ortiz
Jorge antonio Martinez ortiz 6 dagar sedan
¿Did someone else saw a guy fall in "born this way"? ¿Alguien mas se dio cuenta que un tipo cayó en "born this way"?
Felipe Schneider de Souza Amorim
Felipe Schneider de Souza Amorim 6 dagar sedan
rwby reaction
Katherine Brand Jiménez
Katherine Brand Jiménez 7 dagar sedan
wow amazing
Ana Paula Morales Paz
Ana Paula Morales Paz 7 dagar sedan
Víctor Rojas, bailarín peruano en esta espectacular presentación. 🇵🇪❤️
BINCANG BINCANG 7 dagar sedan
lady gaga so amazing
기심호 7 dagar sedan
Miss you in 2020
qiao chen
qiao chen 7 dagar sedan
DK rodriguez
DK rodriguez 7 dagar sedan
Me when I'm the best performer:
Luzviminda Dela Cruz
Luzviminda Dela Cruz 7 dagar sedan
Landen Randall
Landen Randall 7 dagar sedan
ICONIC. Peridot.
K C 7 dagar sedan
She is exceptionally talented
John Bell
John Bell 7 dagar sedan
When it's comes to Lady Gaga it's impossible to put into words how I feel about her talent.
Alex G
Alex G 7 dagar sedan
Gaga a live legend!!!!!!
Alex G
Alex G 7 dagar sedan
Реклама неуместна. Конечно, смердам это не понятно
Levi Pinkhasov
Levi Pinkhasov 7 dagar sedan
Does the mosh pit have their own dance moves? Am I missing something?
Berenisse Callata
Berenisse Callata 8 dagar sedan
me gusto la parte cuando tocaste el piano
Brittany Cotner
Brittany Cotner 8 dagar sedan
Goosebumps. And that’s how you throw the mic at a crowd- everyone sang you were born this way 😭😭😭😭
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