Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. (An ARTPOP Film) (Broadcast Edit)

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Lady Gaga - ARTPOP:
Music video by Lady Gaga performing "G.U.Y." (Broadcast edit). ©2014 Interscope

rainha te amo
Junior James
Junior James 5 timmar sedan
I wish G.U.Y was a hit it's so underrated
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy 9 timmar sedan
93.289.358 09/10/2020 93.379.927 12/10/2020 93.439.087 14/10/2020 93.678.676 22/10/2020
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy 9 timmar sedan
angelica honey
angelica honey 17 timmar sedan
❤️❤️♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
Candela Dickinson
Candela Dickinson 18 timmar sedan
tinistas devolviendo el apoyo a "Duele" q dan siempre!
Hope Coates
Hope Coates 21 timme sedan
Goddesses of pop Lady Gaga Queen of pop Beyonce princess of pop Taylor swift.🙋🏾‍♀️🖤💜💙❤😎
Adrian Neagoe
Adrian Neagoe 19 timmar sedan
Beyonce is not really pop
Hope Coates
Hope Coates 21 timme sedan
When God was making gaga in his mixing bowl he gave us humans a few talents like singing dancing acting but for some reason God must have accidently gave gaga to much talent
angeles paz
angeles paz 21 timme sedan
Tinistas presentes,apoyando al fandom.
Diaz Yolanda
Diaz Yolanda 22 timmar sedan
Vamos x esos 100LM...tinistas apoyando.
Solo vengo de paso
Solo vengo de paso Dag sedan
I thought she was saying "love me love me please retweet" instead of "retreat"
Rohan Sahu
Rohan Sahu Dag sedan
I love this music video 😘😘😘😘
Daniel Mada
Daniel Mada Dag sedan
Pewdiepie 1:26
Ma Lou
Ma Lou Dag sedan
Ladygaga is so cute when she said greetings from himeros..😊
Taewoo Taewoo
Taewoo Taewoo Dag sedan
2009: she is santanic and to sexual 2020: if showing your body to tell a story is sexual then using your hands while talking is harrassment
Leandro Albino Vivian
Leandro Albino Vivian Dag sedan
I listen metal, and some gagas music sound like metal... distortion guitar= heavy syntetizer!
maxsuno Dag sedan
sky foes minec
Diaz Yolanda
Diaz Yolanda Dag sedan
Tinistas apoyando a diario.
Krystian Izaguirre
Krystian Izaguirre Dag sedan
Shakifan apoyando a nuestros amigos LM!!! gracias por apoyarnos en “inevitable”
Kimberly mariana
Kimberly mariana Dag sedan
Se ve tan Hermosa en este Vídeo ❤🤭😍
Belifan Monster
Belifan Monster 2 dagar sedan
Gabriela Gomes
Gabriela Gomes 2 dagar sedan
ahmed Alsrarai
ahmed Alsrarai 2 dagar sedan
Love you Lade Gaga
vois plus
vois plus 2 dagar sedan
This masterpiece deserves 1B views ⚡
Jonatan Rojas
Jonatan Rojas 2 dagar sedan
Shakifan reportándose al 93,614 gracias por su apoyo en Inevitable y Dare
Violets Monster
Violets Monster 2 dagar sedan
0:40 mild and wild
Krystian Izaguirre
Krystian Izaguirre 2 dagar sedan
Shakifan apoyando a nuestros amigos LM! vamos a seguir reproduciendo!!!
Diaz Yolanda
Diaz Yolanda 2 dagar sedan
Gracias x pasar.x.duele y ella dice de tini...tinistas apoyando a LM.
angeles paz
angeles paz 2 dagar sedan
Devolviendo el apoyo a LM, gracias x apoyar Duele y ella dice de Tini.
• Massachusetts •
• Massachusetts • 3 dagar sedan
There’s only two people on the planet who look normal without eyebrows -Jeffree Star -Lady Gaga
powderedcoochie :3
powderedcoochie :3 2 timmar sedan
@Raymond Trainor he's literally racist we don't claim him
Raymond Trainor
Raymond Trainor 2 timmar sedan
@powderedcoochie :3 But we Do.
powderedcoochie :3
powderedcoochie :3 11 timmar sedan
We don't know jafar starfish
Lucas Santana
Lucas Santana 3 dagar sedan
Obra Prima, merecia mais reconhecimento
JEP JEP CHANNEL 3 dagar sedan
eros or himeros confuse
Ernita Nita
Ernita Nita 3 dagar sedan
I like Lady Gaga
Krystian Izaguirre
Krystian Izaguirre 3 dagar sedan
Shakifan agradecida por el apoyo a “inevitable” de Shakira!!! aquí seguiremos hasta los 100M de “guy”
Joshi E.
Joshi E. 4 dagar sedan
I loved this song. Personally, I preferred Donatella over this. But either way both songs held their own. So… 💖
Karlinha 2021
Karlinha 2021 4 dagar sedan
Jesus love you what reading this comentáry 🙏🏻
Carlinhos Boakoski
Carlinhos Boakoski 4 dagar sedan
I just scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAArt
Larissa Milene
Larissa Milene 4 dagar sedan
Lady Gaga estava simplesmente magnífica nesse clipe 😍
angeles paz
angeles paz 4 dagar sedan
Seguímos apoyando para llegar a la meta!!!tinistas presentes.
Jonatan Rojas
Jonatan Rojas 4 dagar sedan
Shakifan reportándose al 93,542, gracias por su apoyo en Inevitable y Dare
Wesley Cabral
Wesley Cabral 5 dagar sedan
Quero ser o garoto submisso a você 💜💜💜🎶🎶
superjhamp 5 dagar sedan
Anyone else here hunting whatever video skydoesminecraft was in
angeles paz
angeles paz 5 dagar sedan
Gracias a los LM que pasaron x duele y ella dice de Tini, devolvemos el apoyo.tinistas presentes!
Marianita Basurto
Marianita Basurto 5 dagar sedan
Aqui un Shakifan apoyando esta joya ❤
Rita C
Rita C 5 dagar sedan
Leslier disfrutando de G U Y. Vamos por los 100M
Jonatan Rojas
Jonatan Rojas 6 dagar sedan
Shakifan reportándose al 93,505. Agradecemos que nos estén apoyando en Inevitable y Dare.
apiz okz
apiz okz 6 dagar sedan
Gw IS Illumination
EX I AM CLAND 6 dagar sedan
Why was Lisa Vanderpump playing a tambourine
Gera 6 dagar sedan
Jazziel Leiva
Jazziel Leiva 6 dagar sedan
Im speak in spanish but im practice
Jazziel Leiva
Jazziel Leiva 6 dagar sedan
I want other song new
Jazziel Leiva
Jazziel Leiva 6 dagar sedan
Lady Gaga i am your fan
Jazziel Leiva
Jazziel Leiva 6 dagar sedan
I cant believe that is cool the song
Jazziel Leiva
Jazziel Leiva 6 dagar sedan
Daniel Mada
Daniel Mada 6 dagar sedan
Camilla Cabello on Tumblr 1:25
Virgo's Window
Virgo's Window Dag sedan
Mayerly Mero
Mayerly Mero 6 dagar sedan
Tinistas apoyando
Krystian Izaguirre
Krystian Izaguirre 6 dagar sedan
Shakifan apoyando para llegar a los 100M
angeles paz
angeles paz 6 dagar sedan
Tinistas presentes,vamos x.esos 100..pasen x ella dice de Tini :D
Jonatan Rojas
Jonatan Rojas 7 dagar sedan
Shakifan reportándose, vamos por los 93,500
Verena Oliveira
Verena Oliveira 7 dagar sedan
Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, sh*t on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it
Héléna Brébant
Héléna Brébant 7 dagar sedan
Lady Gaga, Elton John - Sine From Above (Music Video)
Solomon Romail
Solomon Romail 7 dagar sedan
Demon Gaga puppet of Say 10
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez 7 dagar sedan
G.U.Y never gets old bring back lot of memories about Lady Gaga music albums. An 911 brought me here Gaga is 34 years old I thought she was older.
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker 7 dagar sedan
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angeles paz
angeles paz 7 dagar sedan
Tinistas seguimos apoyando... gracias x pasar por ella dice de Tini.
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy 8 dagar sedan
93.289.358 09/10/2020 93.379.927 12/10/2020 93.439.087 14/10/2020
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy 8 dagar sedan
Amoo 🤩
Jaime Muñoz
Jaime Muñoz 8 dagar sedan
2020 n i still in luv w this song
Akira Williams
Akira Williams 8 dagar sedan
We can all agree Lady Gaga is talking about sex.
jake mosnter
jake mosnter 8 dagar sedan
angeles paz
angeles paz 8 dagar sedan
A nada de los 100M!!!tinistas apoyando a LM.
Tiago Souza
Tiago Souza 7 dagar sedan
Diaz Yolanda
Diaz Yolanda 8 dagar sedan
Tinistas apoyando para certificar.
D B Furler
D B Furler 9 dagar sedan
Opinión impopular: Esta es la mejor canción y el mejor video de Lady Gaga
Lesly Mendez
Lesly Mendez Dag sedan
Si es el mejor video, la mejor canción es marry The night
Kimberly mariana
Kimberly mariana Dag sedan
Applause ❤
REC 8 dagar sedan
Bad Romance 😍
zami manzani
zami manzani 9 dagar sedan
Hermosa 😍❤️
Osmin Arauz
Osmin Arauz 9 dagar sedan
Lacto 9 dagar sedan
I love what Zedd did with it!
Alisson 9 dagar sedan
i think im the only one that created a visual album of artopop in my mind. it deserved so much :(
transformerslover23 awesome
transformerslover23 awesome 10 dagar sedan
We know lady gaga is beautiful. But she's even more beautiful in this music video.
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy 10 dagar sedan
93.289.358 09/10/2020 93.379.927 12/10/2020
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy 10 dagar sedan
Amoo 🤩
GIOGIO PTR 10 dagar sedan
im waiting for “ lady gaga ft ava max “ i bet it will be lit as fuck
jorge G
jorge G 10 dagar sedan
Amo este video
Carolyn Perez
Carolyn Perez 10 dagar sedan
OMG Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump!! hadn't noticed!!!
Tami West
Tami West 10 dagar sedan
QUE LLEGUEN ESOS 100M YA. Fandom Tinista apoyando a Lady Gaga a reproducir #GUY, amé. Pasen por #EllaDice o #Duele de Tini Stoessel!
rubi ardohain
rubi ardohain 10 dagar sedan
A nada de los 100M. Fandom Tinista apoyando #Guy de la reina Lady Gaga. Pasen por #EllaDice o #Duele de Tini!! Estaré apoyando 911
themarian2 10 dagar sedan
is seriously no one saying nothing bout gaga taking blood from Jesus, Ghandi, Michael Jackson & Jhon Lennon?
themarian2 9 dagar sedan
@brooklyn w i get that but that's one of the things that everyone should have been paying attention to
brooklyn w
brooklyn w 9 dagar sedan
Yeah my guess is it’s supposed to make the idealistic guy with all them combined...I think
Selin findik
Selin findik 10 dagar sedan
Carlos Aguirre
Carlos Aguirre 10 dagar sedan
Ancle length wig Gaga lives rent free on my mind everyday
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 11 dagar sedan
Who else was here before the 911 music video?
angeles paz
angeles paz 11 dagar sedan
Tinistas presentes,pasen x Duele o Ella dice de Tini,graciasss
Diaz Yolanda
Diaz Yolanda 11 dagar sedan
Tinistas apoyando,pasen x Duele o ella dice de tini,gracias.
Agustin Rojara
Agustin Rojara 11 dagar sedan
فهله離さないસજકકચchoupi Viper
فهله離さないસજકકચchoupi Viper 11 dagar sedan
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos 11 dagar sedan
Let's see how many people are listening to this song in October 2020
pumpkles 4 dagar sedan
Heard this song a longtime ago came back to it yeah.
Angel C Vega
Angel C Vega 6 dagar sedan
This is one of mt favorite one of that era plus venus
Midnight Party
Midnight Party 6 dagar sedan
Yep 😌
Pérola Atlântico
Pérola Atlântico 11 dagar sedan Manicure Lady Gaga male cover
CLVZ 11 dagar sedan
I understand the song but whats up with MJ , Ghandi and Jesus ??
Colton Howar
Colton Howar 11 dagar sedan
Lol is that skydoesminecraft?
Frost Hammer
Frost Hammer 11 dagar sedan
Is this song about pegging?
Kyleigh Glen
Kyleigh Glen 5 dagar sedan
angeles paz
angeles paz 11 dagar sedan
Tinistas apoyando,pasen x Ella dice o Duele de Tini, gracias.
faq triste
faq triste 12 dagar sedan
The Sonja’s voice in the beginning always gives me chills.. may her soul rest in peace
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