Lady Gaga - Venus (VEVO Presents)

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Lady Gaga performing Venus live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

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Kimberly Wellington
Kimberly Wellington 3 dagar sedan
This performance felt so real... like nothing that is produced today with our young and often autotuned artists of today. Some are unoriginal, immature, and unrefined; Gaga is the real deal. Those are blood, sweat, and tears. A true and committed performance for the people.
DK rodriguez
DK rodriguez 7 dagar sedan
Alea Philpot
Alea Philpot 9 dagar sedan
One of her best album of all time
silvia Allice
silvia Allice 13 dagar sedan
Yann Victor
Yann Victor 13 dagar sedan
who watching this after ariana grande six album?
Matheus Wallace da Cruz
Matheus Wallace da Cruz 16 dagar sedan
Qtsyhxhdud Hxjcfdjch
Qtsyhxhdud Hxjcfdjch 17 dagar sedan
Очень прятные девушк мне очень нравиться
Leon Hall
Leon Hall 20 dagar sedan
I am glad I watched this now. Venus is Lucifer; but you said Mercury so I am not left out.
Conner Fleur
Conner Fleur 23 dagar sedan
I’m so glad I was living for this. I have never understood how many don’t like artpop. I would say two songs didn’t age well but I also was like hmmm at first but anyway Venus has been a favorite song so long as well as so many. This album holds so many of my memories being released the first year I went to pride. I live for art and hope to inspire others
Mikey Oto
Mikey Oto 26 dagar sedan
3:35 Joanne has entered the chat
vera 27 dagar sedan
Brittany Vest
Brittany Vest 28 dagar sedan
Artpop is everything Gaga wanted to give us but was completely stifled in doing so. We're lucky we're getting more of it with Chromatica.
Bruna Santos
Bruna Santos 28 dagar sedan
She looks so beautifull dressed in white
Storytelling by
Storytelling by 29 dagar sedan
Mateus 29 dagar sedan
After the discovery of phosphine... 😆
Wallace Wells
Wallace Wells Månad sedan
The only flop about Artpop were her guitar skills.
Biel B
Biel B Månad sedan
Lady Gaga melhor do mundo
Biel B
Biel B Månad sedan
José Jimenez
José Jimenez Månad sedan
lina bena
lina bena Månad sedan
Em z
Em z Månad sedan
Artpop walked so Chromatica could sprint
osoroshian Månad sedan
This year discovered ARTPOP and fell in love with every song. Usually listen to the album while drawing and it's super distracting... Cause I cant stop dancing and singing along. Ppl at that concert seem to be rudely ungrateful, I'd literally die right there!
Mike Ruchington
Mike Ruchington Månad sedan
Anyone remember when you could enjoy this without the fear of losing your sense of taste and smell?
Gabriel Freitas
Gabriel Freitas Månad sedan
Nesse dia a Gaga pegou a peruca da Sia emprestada e cortou a parte da frente
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
This is art
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
Alice Lherom amors
Alice Lherom amors Månad sedan
laboratorio sma
laboratorio sma Månad sedan
Amo este video!!!
AckzaTV Månad sedan
Life was discovered in Venus Before Mars for Feminism lol LOL while elon was alseep one night, Grimes tok his phone and had Nasa do that behind Elon's back. Private Sector is Male individuality node ,Public Sector is Female Collective hivemind-network together male drone ships will colonize the galaxy FOR WOMEN to IMPRESS WOMEN know its only a matter of time before some guy takes over the moon and mars to impress a female lol
Paul Arentsen
Paul Arentsen Månad sedan
If i leave this planet one day, I am gonna be eternal warrior for Venus like Dragonball :)
Franco Mañas
Franco Mañas Månad sedan
Como suena esto la concha de la loraaaaaaaaaa
Daniell Alvarez
Daniell Alvarez Månad sedan
Ava max and her look alike here
Paulo Torres
Paulo Torres Månad sedan
Gabriel Rodrigues
Gabriel Rodrigues Månad sedan
She gave everythinggggggggggg
nada najmi
nada najmi Månad sedan
Waiting for 911 short film , caaan t waait
Thalia De Sousa Silva
Thalia De Sousa Silva Månad sedan
Gaga's so pretty in this performance
Tuğçe Kavaz
Tuğçe Kavaz Månad sedan
This is a not a song. This is pure art.
Михаил Носенко
Михаил Носенко Månad sedan
Все об этом говорят теперь
Михаил Носенко
Михаил Носенко Månad sedan
Там случай был с десяткой рыбок
Михаил Носенко
Михаил Носенко Månad sedan
Свечкин чё я вот и пижу
Cristian Padilla
Cristian Padilla Månad sedan
Why are people recording this? And not fucking dancing?!?!?!?!?!?!?! There will be enough videos on youtube, insta, facebook or even twitter for you to rewatch this. Please, dance, sing, scream, laugh, cry when you go to a concert. Not just to make videos of it
Johnedel Malit
Johnedel Malit Månad sedan
remember when Lady Gaga invented the Solar System
julian adiel medina
julian adiel medina Månad sedan
La canción gay del siglo
cutepiku Månad sedan
I might be a little in love with her drummer.
J U J U Månad sedan
People be telling that gaga flopped this one but they just don’t understand art
R Soraya
R Soraya Månad sedan
This is sooo good with the guitar
Derpaaull Månad sedan
The ultimate bop
Derpaaull Månad sedan
itsjannat 1
itsjannat 1 2 månader sedan
I'm watching this song while talking to a friend
Santiago Santisantiago
Santiago Santisantiago 2 månader sedan
This cooooooulldd beee loooooooooov
OkThenProductions 2 månader sedan
I'm legit so addicted to the part when she starts singing and she waves her hand around.
Lewis Murphy
Lewis Murphy 2 månader sedan
This album was amazing ❤️
santiago alvarez garzon
santiago alvarez garzon 2 månader sedan
Bien que antes decían "Artflop" pero pleno 2020 se dieron cuenta de esta obra de arte
jake monster
jake monster 2 månader sedan
In a better world their would’ve been a music video for Venus, Aura and Do What U Want ft. Christina
JazzY Can't swim
JazzY Can't swim 2 månader sedan
SIA : Weird and conservative Lady Gaga : Weird and liberated both weird both were delivering good music to the world! both gave us songs with message that can move us as a person.
joao j
joao j 2 månader sedan
Melhor música do Artpop !
Isabela Guimarães
Isabela Guimarães 2 månader sedan
Artpop a obra prima mais subestimada de Lady Gaga, um álbum magnífico e a frente do seu tempo, por isso não foi compreendido
Kukuh Santoso
Kukuh Santoso 2 månader sedan
The drummer just slap me so HARD BADDASS 🤘
Fernando Gomes
Fernando Gomes 3 månader sedan
Filip Čirjak
Filip Čirjak 3 månader sedan
Why she look like elen here?
junascarlo 3 månader sedan
I miss this version of Gaga. Bring her back please.
Dr Nowzaradan
Dr Nowzaradan 3 månader sedan
If you ignored gaga during this album then wtf was wrong with you?
SugarPillsClay - Francesca
SugarPillsClay - Francesca 3 månader sedan
“Don’t you know my ass is famous “ ♥️♥️♥️🤣🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gerick Kyre Orencia
Gerick Kyre Orencia 3 månader sedan
"When You Touch Me I Die" #SocialDistancing
a.alsha6i 3 månader sedan
Le-Ann 3 månader sedan
to the planet to the planet to the planet HANDS UP to the planet to the planet to the planet
Luke Dion
Luke Dion 4 månader sedan
This album is like other Gaga's albums - amazing, just needed better management, imagine releasing the last song from the album as first single.. then not releasing Venus as a single at all..
m. mache
m. mache 4 månader sedan
The world is names a Queens lady Gaga stunning preformer songs techniques professionally professional Seleberity Artists singer's 900k odions screening crazy for you I Absolutely love it just in 30k billions like it 14 stars * * * * * * * * * * * * * * strongly recommended for the world entertainment concept Album's plutonium congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on Google youtube International? Mo?
rodney nagel
rodney nagel 4 månader sedan
I hear penis all the time, Gaga!😁
chillingwiththeanimals 4 månader sedan
I swear ARTPOP was so ahead of its time. She herself said it. It was too soon. 🤦‍♀️
Naomi Angelica
Naomi Angelica 4 månader sedan
The easiest way to remember the planets is from this song
Skyy Vega
Skyy Vega 4 månader sedan
This album is totally underrated!!! It’s always been my favorite album but it was her worst album in sales and promotion 😭😭😭 Chromatica is really good too but ARTPOP is still my fav!!
ae eugenio
ae eugenio 4 månader sedan
Can someone please explain to me why people say that ARTPOP was an ARTFLOP??? Im a Lady Gaga fan since 2008 but I dont involve myself with the community of her fans and search for others opinion about her albums before when I was a kid. I just listen to everything she releases and learn to love it by my own. When artpop came out I was only 15 and I fell in love with its sound, message and also the visuals of the music videos. I akways listen to it everytime wayback then up until now. It was a work of art and I could say that it's one of my favorite album of Gaga that's why I was so confused, heartbroken and somehow dissapointed to learn JUST NOW that there are a lot of HATE with ARTPOP when it came out. Like why do people not love it before? I don't understand why they say that it flopped when for me it soar above her past albums.
Ryan Lima
Ryan Lima 4 månader sedan
Biomilch 4 månader sedan
Venus and Monster should have been singles
J Dls
J Dls 2 månader sedan
tbh more than half of gaga's album tracks should be singles, she's just that good
dragon boi
dragon boi 2 månader sedan
aphroditelady 3 månader sedan
And Dance in the dark 😭
ondra eleš
ondra eleš 3 månader sedan
I agree
Syawal Ibrahim
Syawal Ibrahim 4 månader sedan
Venus misheard version = Penis
Daniel Oliveros
Daniel Oliveros 4 månader sedan
I didn't notice this song was the new bad romance until now
LUKE 4 månader sedan
Kyle McNamara
Kyle McNamara 4 månader sedan
If we can include THE FAME MONSTER (deluxe) as one album at put it third and then shove ASIB just below Joanne then cheek to cheek at the bottom... I agree aha
сергей гаврилов
сергей гаврилов 4 månader sedan
как буто в памперсах)) но клевая)))
Sarah C
Sarah C 4 månader sedan
This album was so good I never understood why it didn’t do well??? Why can’t I find a well researched video on this so I don’t have to figure it out myself 🤣
Chris Lee Carey
Chris Lee Carey 4 månader sedan
I love this song
Cristobal Jed Danielle 1A
Cristobal Jed Danielle 1A 4 månader sedan
this is 10x better than the recorded
Mr. Orchids
Mr. Orchids 4 månader sedan
Well... the recorded one is magical! It has layers upon layers and layers of vocals
cesar cohen
cesar cohen 4 månader sedan
Mano ela tava no auge e ninguém percebeu nem ela mesma
Gabriel Moreira
Gabriel Moreira 4 månader sedan
da beleza ss
Bram Pratama
Bram Pratama 4 månader sedan
Artpop just released too early , people don't ready for it back then. If it's released now it'll be huge
Giovanni Fernandez
Giovanni Fernandez 5 månader sedan
Vocally, Artpop is better than Chromatica.
Song 5 månader sedan
Chromatica is like the successor of ArtPop, because ArtPop NEVER FLOPPED! #gagaforever
Renz Ashley Butron
Renz Ashley Butron 5 månader sedan
Why am I crying? Hahahahahaha
Fadi Naim
Fadi Naim 5 månader sedan
This song deserved much more love and exposure! My fav ARTPOP song :/
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 5 månader sedan
Gaga’s voice is so perfect but I feel like her music sometimes ruins it
Nightcore Variado
Nightcore Variado 5 månader sedan
Nightcore version
Fiky Ahmad
Fiky Ahmad 5 månader sedan
Who is there because some document of artpop was leak?
meaghan delaney
meaghan delaney 5 månader sedan
My fav Gaga album, don't think it got the acclaim it deserves. Pure genius 💜💚
BWT 5 månader sedan
The performance of this on x factor was terrific
Zulya Khalmuratova
Zulya Khalmuratova 5 månader sedan
Lady Gaga THE BEST 💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤
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