Lady Gaga - Your Song (Official Audio)

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Lady Gaga’s powerful new version of the classic ‘Your Song’ is taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Revamp: Reimagining the Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin’. Featuring new versions of Elton’s classic songs from Mary J. Blige, Alessia Cara, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Elton John & P!nk & Logic, Florence + The Machine, The Killers, Mumford & Sons, Q-Tip & Demi Lovato, Queens Of The Stone Age, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, ‘Revamp’ is released on April 6th, 2018.
Available Here:
(P) 2018 Interscope Records

Vinícius Almeida
Vinícius Almeida 4 dagar sedan
Meus Deus, cada vez mais nos supreendendo, maravilhado com o talento dessa mulher! Uma das maiores cantoras do mundo. 👏
jake mosnter
jake mosnter 11 dagar sedan
So beautiful
Tenzin Tsomo
Tenzin Tsomo 20 dagar sedan
toy story
Blake S.
Blake S. 21 dag sedan
Song ruined. Thanks Lady Gaga
maria alexandra
maria alexandra 24 dagar sedan
कुछ कविताएं और मैं
कुछ कविताएं और मैं 25 dagar sedan
There's so much sadness and power in her voice❤️.. Can't stop adoring her🌸
Saul Ramirez Javier
Saul Ramirez Javier 25 dagar sedan
No te sale la voz de Elton
Ethan NO
Ethan NO 25 dagar sedan
Joe Rousseau
Joe Rousseau 26 dagar sedan
I do like Elton Johns version, but this, does out a smile on my face
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 28 dagar sedan
this better than the original, sorry.
Teacher Bia
Teacher Bia Månad sedan
Obrigada por isso, coisa linda! Tá demais
Andy Daly
Andy Daly Månad sedan
For my Superhero ✂️ ❤️ 💎 xxx Until we meet again mon-ami xxx
Emiliana Ribola
Emiliana Ribola Månad sedan
Musdanil Månad sedan
Aku punya kenangan tersendiri untuk lagu ini :)
Jean Torres
Jean Torres Månad sedan
great cover, i love this version
k ke
k ke Månad sedan
Göran Bergman
Göran Bergman Månad sedan
Love this version of Eltons hit.
Thomas Stevie
Thomas Stevie Månad sedan
Oh God, the song is so good. wish I had watch it sooner.
Jhow Costa
Jhow Costa Månad sedan
Uma música que toca o coração ❤️
Angie and family Mathews
Angie and family Mathews Månad sedan
Make no mistake...... It's the voice. Her sound.
Angie and family Mathews
Angie and family Mathews Månad sedan
When music makes you cry. What a gift 😂
Angie and family Mathews
Angie and family Mathews Månad sedan
This girl's version. Omg. Yeah me
Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira Månad sedan
omg i loved
Kate Ontiveroz
Kate Ontiveroz Månad sedan
R520 J R
R520 J R Månad sedan
This cover is actually fantastic. Your Song is one of my favorite Elton John songs and this version I thinkkkkk I like better
junior schneyder
junior schneyder Månad sedan
Excelente Cover De Your Song👏👏
Hikmetberk 1617
Hikmetberk 1617 Månad sedan
Paulo Torres
Paulo Torres 2 månader sedan
Long Kun
Long Kun 2 månader sedan
I ❤ lady gaga
Lei Miralles
Lei Miralles 2 månader sedan
I love Elton John and hearing Gaga's rendition of this, this is the perfect cover. ❤️️
Ticiane Narciso
Ticiane Narciso 2 månader sedan
rayminthecat 2 månader sedan
Man your a crazy munkie gaga
rumpel stiltskin
rumpel stiltskin 2 månader sedan
Licelia Araujo
Licelia Araujo 2 månader sedan
2020... And i love this song ❤️
William Child
William Child 2 månader sedan
This cover sucks Why does she talk like this won derf ul lifeis when your in the world Thisis yours ong Why is she singing like a glorified text to speech
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 2 månader sedan
Elton poggers
Samuel Lazo
Samuel Lazo 2 månader sedan
I love Gaga... you are a Wonderful artist
andacondasqueeze 2 månader sedan
Considering elton john is 1960s lady gaga this seems appropriate
alberto gorin
alberto gorin 3 månader sedan
dear suus its Sunday evening mi mind drift away right to you so write few words to you someday you will see them to tomorrow is brand new day the birds sing your name the cats meow your name and you can tell every one I follow you I chase you down on this way and i hope you don t mind and i hope you don t mind a wonderful person come out today I care for suus with mi heart I love my sister with my heart and on Monday if you come out god will guide the way and you can tell every one I follow you I chase you down on this way and I hope you don t mind and I hope you don t mind a wonderful person come out today and so suus go to bed tomorrow be brand new day world be better if you stand there way so suus bring your smile be proud of your self and you can tell every one I follow you I chase you down on this way and I hope you don t mind and I hope you don t mind a wonderful person come out today ----------------------------------------------------------- dedication to suus july 19 2020
DerBoZz iZbackk
DerBoZz iZbackk Månad sedan
Mahmoud Bay
Mahmoud Bay 3 månader sedan
Love you Gaga Love you
Maria Alcocia
Maria Alcocia 3 månader sedan
This song is mastered by Lady Gaga
Dika 25
Dika 25 3 månader sedan
Reminiscing this song is amazing. here on 15th july 2020 still with corona virus pandemic
mark rocket man Grimstead
mark rocket man Grimstead 3 månader sedan
Love this version so much emotion
Von Google-Experts
Von Google-Experts 3 månader sedan
If Elton thinks about who is performing his songs when he is gone. He should knock an Lady's door. From today your are Lady John to me. Gaga is past. Gaga was childhood. You went adulesscant. You turn into Lady John. Bravo Lady John.
Allentwo Walktwo
Allentwo Walktwo 3 månader sedan
Like that song prefer it when she sings it. She is a good singer.
September Lynne
September Lynne 3 månader sedan
The color transition is making me feel things I do understand, but don’t. Is it blue or green? Now or while...but those don’t exist. 🕊
Matthew Heath
Matthew Heath 3 månader sedan
This is a lovely rendition, but for something is missing. The original is fucking amazing; auditory gold. So it's got a lot to live up to. Lady gaga does an awesome job.
Rylee’s World
Rylee’s World 3 månader sedan
Yeah... Not my type
Paul Lawler
Paul Lawler 3 månader sedan
Absolutely fabulous...
Vitória Faria
Vitória Faria 3 månader sedan
ramenbo 3 månader sedan
she is the true successor to Barbra Streisand
Raquel Almeida
Raquel Almeida 4 månader sedan
É linda essa música!😍
maria cristina antunes
maria cristina antunes 4 månader sedan
Maria Helena Romanelli
Maria Helena Romanelli 4 månader sedan
My dout
Sara Peytcheva
Sara Peytcheva 4 månader sedan
Of course this version is better ❤️
Lolo Vincent
Lolo Vincent 4 månader sedan
Wow 6.5K people have shitty eardrums, must suck for them
lucia Pimenta
lucia Pimenta 4 månader sedan
Symple de best! Sir Elton I live tou.
ZAP! 4 månader sedan
Play Sine From Above right after the last beat. Your welcome.
Beyza 4 månader sedan
This song from Moulin Rouge musical movie soundtrack. Adorable musical, sweet cover.
JenSingsAndThings 4 månader sedan
I covered this ❤️
Tiago Souza
Tiago Souza 4 månader sedan
Serena Montecchi
Serena Montecchi 4 månader sedan
Lady Gaga. No more words .
Clara Hudson
Clara Hudson 4 månader sedan
Who’s here after listening to Sine from above ?
mike rouse
mike rouse 4 månader sedan
just listened with tears
Karla Vanessa Lugo Pérez
Karla Vanessa Lugo Pérez 4 månader sedan
We are ready for Chromatica!
Kim Lavoie
Kim Lavoie 4 månader sedan
I can't get over the fact they decided to apply autotune on her voice. It's so subtle, it was clearly for stylistic effect, but her natural voice is so gorgeous, I think it would be even better without.
Celina Carvalho
Celina Carvalho 4 månader sedan
Só o máximo.
Aviv Ishay
Aviv Ishay 5 månader sedan
Lady Gaga, you are the best! I love you !!
Jordan Bailey
Jordan Bailey 5 månader sedan
i’m so glad she’s the one to have done this at the salute. it was perfect
Johannes Chiu
Johannes Chiu 5 månader sedan
Guilherme Melo
Guilherme Melo 5 månader sedan
Natsu TH
Natsu TH 5 månader sedan
3:48 bookmark of eargasm
Samantha Wiesselmann
Samantha Wiesselmann 5 månader sedan
Lady Gaga kills it in an epic way.. Wow Elton John I hope is proud she does the song justice. Xxx
Budit Bliss
Budit Bliss 5 månader sedan
Now.. Elton John in her #CHROMATICA Album and I hope 'Sine From Above' sound something like this. #CHROMATICA ⚔️💓
I B 5 månader sedan
Gaga absolutely love every one of your songs, but honestly this is crap
Tobs Tobs
Tobs Tobs 4 månader sedan
It isn't even her song! It's just a cover. But anyways, how can you call such a timeless masterpiece crap?!
leah 5 månader sedan
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez 5 månader sedan
Esperando la nueva canción entre estos dos grandes artistas en Chromatica. Sin duda era lo que faltaba entre los dos. Será de nueva olvidar 29.05.2020 ♥️♥️♥️
Hailey Stoll
Hailey Stoll 5 månader sedan
cara 5 månader sedan
I’m so glad this is on Spotify 😆
Bebe Bubut
Bebe Bubut 5 månader sedan
thornbell1 5 månader sedan
Tobs Tobs
Tobs Tobs 2 månader sedan
So are you
Evects 5 månader sedan
Very Emotional! I love it LG
JenSingsAndThings 5 månader sedan
Omg I love this version so much I did a cover of it. Will you watch PLEASE?! ❤️❤️
Dave Arcudi
Dave Arcudi 5 månader sedan
Bad choice Bernie. Shes ruining my favorite song. Thumbs down
FINN HIGGINS 5 månader sedan
she has a phenomenal voice
FINN HIGGINS 5 månader sedan
No offense to Lady Gaga or anything cause don't get me wrong I heart her a lot. But I like the original song better
Bart Step
Bart Step 5 månader sedan
Ellie Goulding >>>
Daniel 4 månader sedan
Budit Bliss
Budit Bliss 5 månader sedan
Lady Gaga >>>>> All Of Them
Manu Castro
Manu Castro 5 månader sedan
maravilhosa 👏🇧🇷
Kevin RR
Kevin RR 5 månader sedan
what a gem of a voice
Patricia HALIN
Patricia HALIN 5 månader sedan
Super interprétation
Billie Mercury
Billie Mercury 5 månader sedan
Who's here after finding out she's collaborating with Elton on Chromatica? 💗
TexPool 5 månader sedan
How come I only came across this now???
Felipe De Cesare
Felipe De Cesare 5 månader sedan
What a voice
sepiasilvere 5 månader sedan
Absolutely fabulous! We need more Gaga!
Christian Mercurio
Christian Mercurio 5 månader sedan
I feel sad when I hear this...
Marco Taguiam
Marco Taguiam 5 månader sedan
Same i feep lonely
Thomas Cordula
Thomas Cordula 5 månader sedan
Her voice touches me ❤️❤️
xdxd 6 månader sedan
Same song only that now is only 4 chords
Eugene Perez
Eugene Perez 6 månader sedan
Noel Guerra
Noel Guerra 6 månader sedan
Lady Gaga - Sine From Above feat. Elton John #Chromatica
Nevia Cella
Nevia Cella Månad sedan
@hey wait no 0 boutifil
CONИOR 3 månader sedan
Best song in the world. Love you Gaga. 💜
86jackd 4 månader sedan
@hey wait no the song is in Gaga's latest album, chromatica
Esra karalıca
Esra karalıca 4 månader sedan
@hey wait no It happened
hey wait no
hey wait no 4 månader sedan
Is this going to be a song?
Marcos Aurélio
Marcos Aurélio 6 månader sedan
neil angelo de la cruz
neil angelo de la cruz 6 månader sedan
Lady gaga is so fucking talented
Marco Taguiam
Marco Taguiam 5 månader sedan
Periodt ❤
Олена Тертична
Олена Тертична 6 månader sedan
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