Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Live From The Bud Light x Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour Nashville)

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John Pilar
John Pilar 10 timmar sedan
Joann, you know I'm your favorite Monster 👹, I have to say that this is You being a Real Singer not "The Entertainer" My Most favorite song 😍💜 #LOVETHEREALJOANN/DIVEBARS
yondel gongora
yondel gongora Dag sedan
I love her too
Mikael Dag sedan
This is the most epic performance on SVfrom. Prove me wrong.
Juliana Cirqueira Amorim
Juliana Cirqueira Amorim 2 dagar sedan
Chester Kao
Chester Kao 2 dagar sedan
My favorite live performance from Gaga
crow 3 dagar sedan
If you noticed, she was being a great singing partner with the backup singer. She didn't go all out, but, just kept it at the level there. In terms of skill and range. The other girl sounded great, but obviously isn't gaga. Dang Lady is amazing. She didn't steal the show, and didn't over whelm the other singer. She just kept it at a pace. We need humble singers like her
Sivanat Sirigungval
Sivanat Sirigungval 4 dagar sedan
ได้ไปฟังสดสักครั้งแบบนี้ ก้ตายตาหลับแล้ว ❤
teresa sofia barardo nunes Santos
teresa sofia barardo nunes Santos 7 dagar sedan
Grande voz....ate faz arrepiar Grande gaga Uma mulher que admiro imenso Muitos parabens de portugal
dragon thewhite
dragon thewhite 7 dagar sedan
ins bfd
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 10 dagar sedan
L ♥️
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 10 dagar sedan
O ♥️
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 10 dagar sedan
V ♥️
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 10 dagar sedan
E ♥️
Gleice Gomes
Gleice Gomes 11 dagar sedan
Gaga maravilhosa.
Carlos Castaneda
Carlos Castaneda 13 dagar sedan
Quien es la que echa segunda lo hace muy bien y al parecer se entiende con lady gaga
Zikri Noer
Zikri Noer 13 dagar sedan
His backing vocal is on fire
Elso Filho
Elso Filho 14 dagar sedan
Braulino Perreira
Braulino Perreira 14 dagar sedan
Fantastica canta muito esta 🚺
Alessandro Brigatti
Alessandro Brigatti 15 dagar sedan
Gaga marvilhosa nao tem como nao ouvir todo dia
Kendra Mazuelos
Kendra Mazuelos 19 dagar sedan
love you gaga!🥰🥰😍
Madita 19 dagar sedan
Marcenaria Mix serviços em casa
Marcenaria Mix serviços em casa 21 dag sedan
I love gaga
Babi Ribasczky
Babi Ribasczky 22 dagar sedan
A melhor voz💜
Wellington Rodrigues
Wellington Rodrigues 23 dagar sedan
My reaction watching Lady gaga singing >>>> 2:41
lisa prickett
lisa prickett 23 dagar sedan
I cant seem to understand why anyone on this planet would ever give this song a thumbs down. Please explain.. lol
Anna Nardin
Anna Nardin 24 dagar sedan
Bravissima bellissima voce grande complimenti❤❤❤
Steven P
Steven P 24 dagar sedan
How can people give this thumbs down?
Dayanne Castro
Dayanne Castro 25 dagar sedan
Love Pandas
Love Pandas 27 dagar sedan
Take a hike.
자갈공명 28 dagar sedan
lady gaga,like,best, 좋아요
Luca Pape
Luca Pape 29 dagar sedan
Storytelling by
Storytelling by 29 dagar sedan
dancingrebecca 29 dagar sedan
Madita 29 dagar sedan
So beautiful 🥺❤️
Josefina Poy
Josefina Poy Månad sedan
Holy shit Gaga can sing it better "live" than her Album
Umim 4424
Umim 4424 Månad sedan
I love your lady gaga, good song , She has perfect voice.
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez Månad sedan
Gaga is The Queen
Zulexy Rivero
Zulexy Rivero Månad sedan
Love You! Incredible song!
Regie Offemaria
Regie Offemaria Månad sedan
Simaraeju Teixeirahue
Simaraeju Teixeirahue Månad sedan
Cléo sabino
Cléo sabino Månad sedan
Não canso de ver esse vídeo
Cléo sabino
Cléo sabino Månad sedan
Cara queria ser eu que estevisse fazendo o vocal, olha a cara de satisfação dessa moça ❤❤
horlandeia miranda
horlandeia miranda Månad sedan
Em plena pandemia "20 de setembro" SINTONIZADA ❣️
vanessa pomaroli
vanessa pomaroli Månad sedan
Belíssima! 😍😍😍😍
Camila Lima Camila Rodrigues
Camila Lima Camila Rodrigues Månad sedan
Eu 2020.
Sally mato-snyder
Sally mato-snyder Månad sedan
Yea , Joann, you wonderful , YOU .
sorel edwin suarez
sorel edwin suarez Månad sedan
I completely relate with the crying guy. And I dont think there has ever been. A back up singer with more spotlight than this cutty
leen sandel
leen sandel Månad sedan
Wooooooo. I love Gaga and love this song
leen sandel
leen sandel Månad sedan
Wooooooo. I love Gaga and love this song
M R Månad sedan
Amazing song ... Gorgeous Lady GG ... Even in 2020 ...
calvin oznerol
calvin oznerol Månad sedan
This song heal the depression i feel in my heart mind and soul. It also answer the questions in my life @bout the what if?? I have million reasons to give up😥😪 And this songs healed me and uplift me im ok now🤗🤗
RubyRoseRivers Månad sedan
That truly song comes from her heart ❤️ The melody by itself is so sad 😭
666 GuN
666 GuN Månad sedan
as lit as her back up singer
Darryl Howson
Darryl Howson Månad sedan
I adore lady gaga she's a goddess.Shes perfect in every way.I ❤️ u n ur songs mean a lot to me. X
oreldarmusic Månad sedan
The emotions, the atmosphere, the vocals, the vibe, the lyrics, the meaning, the talent. I can't help but cry. "I bow down to pray, trying to make the worst seem better, Lord show me the way..." "Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith"... amazing
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson Månad sedan
ma name is lady gaga
Brunu Mitty
Brunu Mitty 2 månader sedan
Saludos desde Brazil mi GAGA❤️
Mariacrocetta Sambito
Mariacrocetta Sambito 2 månader sedan
No Pal
No Pal 2 månader sedan
Such an annoying song.
Nicky J
Nicky J 2 månader sedan
who is the back up singer? Gosh she is amazing xx
isaque braga
isaque braga 2 månader sedan
Ryan 2 månader sedan
pinballman pinhead
pinballman pinhead 2 månader sedan
Wow thats incredible Her voice is breath taking , thank you for helping us threw the tough times !!!!!
Maul Schmeiss
Maul Schmeiss 2 månader sedan
The first artist paying respect to her background singer
אמיר פרץ
אמיר פרץ 2 månader sedan
אמיר פרץ
אמיר פרץ 2 månader sedan
Diogo Olio
Diogo Olio 2 månader sedan
Genteeee, só eu fiquei apaixonado com o carinho da Gaga pela backing vocal no palco? Coisa linda! Por mais artistas assim! ❤️
dodsdmr Månad sedan
ela é quem escreveu a música com a Gaga, songwriter de sucesso, tem Grammy, foi indicada ao Oscar, etc...
Jadson Leão
Jadson Leão Månad sedan
Maria Chaves o nome dela é Hillary Lindsey
Maria Chaves
Maria Chaves 2 månader sedan
Gostaria de saber o nome dessa becking vocal q canta com ela alguém sabe?
Purple Lettuce
Purple Lettuce 2 månader sedan
Sim, lindas.
Flávio Fernandes
Flávio Fernandes 2 månader sedan
Ela me inspira!!!! Queria é ter uma oportunidade de entrar em um bar e assistir Gaga, bem de pertinho
Matheus Almeida
Matheus Almeida 2 månader sedan
Monstro da música
Matheus Almeida
Matheus Almeida 2 månader sedan
Monstro da música
bruce pietsch
bruce pietsch 2 månader sedan
Shut off instruments...all we need is is that powerful VOICE
Claudio Elso Rodrigues
Claudio Elso Rodrigues 2 månader sedan
Amo as musicas dela
50K subscribers challenge
50K subscribers challenge 2 månader sedan
Hillary Lindsey the female back up singer actually wrote, Jesus Take the Well, co wrote Million Reasons, I’ll Never Love Again and Always Remember Us This Way. 💅🏻
50K subscribers challenge
50K subscribers challenge 2 månader sedan
Dawid Yasss that’s why the lyrics are so good.
DD 2 månader sedan
Really? :o
Giancarlo G
Giancarlo G 2 månader sedan
just awesome
George-Dee Jempty
George-Dee Jempty 2 månader sedan
I'm a 57 year old rocker and I don't care what critics may say, Lady Gaga is AN INCREDIBLE PERFORMER
Fabrice Diaz
Fabrice Diaz 2 månader sedan
I can’t tell the difference from the live and edited version
Sarah Bradfield
Sarah Bradfield 2 månader sedan
MIRIAM MVNOZ 2 månader sedan
Jackie Striegel
Jackie Striegel 2 månader sedan
Who inspired this song, GaGa?
Jackie Striegel
Jackie Striegel 2 månader sedan
One of the best songs ever written.
Jackie Striegel
Jackie Striegel 2 månader sedan
Love the hat on YOU😎👍👍👍👍
Jackie Striegel
Jackie Striegel 2 månader sedan
Joanne👍👍👍 I’m down with it sister😎
headworkaz 2 månader sedan
I don’t know how many times I’ve watch this. A legendary performance.
Augusto Adam
Augusto Adam 2 månader sedan
her best MR performance... so powerful! we can feel the pain in your voice
headworkaz 2 månader sedan
The virtuosa and living legend.
Pascale Bartoli
Pascale Bartoli 3 månader sedan
💖 Avec la choriste.... 🎶🎶 Fabulous live 💖
Neide Teixeira
Neide Teixeira 3 månader sedan
Who Gordon
Who Gordon 3 månader sedan
Is someone cutting onions? 😥😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vasya Vasilii
Vasya Vasilii 3 månader sedan
Классно 👍
Andréia Batista
Andréia Batista 3 månader sedan
Simplesmente lindo!!!
Kleyton Santos de jesus Jesus
Kleyton Santos de jesus Jesus 3 månader sedan
Quem do Brasil está assistindo ae?
yayayaokoksure 3 månader sedan
Fake country sponsored by piss beer.
Adamo Zicarelli
Adamo Zicarelli 3 månader sedan
Di un altro pianeta 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝
Son Of Aphrodite
Son Of Aphrodite 3 månader sedan
Amo esta presentación , y a la chica que le hace la segunda voz una joya ❤️
Eliete Silva Ferreira
Eliete Silva Ferreira 3 månader sedan
Me apaixonei e apaixono em qualquer época, dia, hora ou ano. Linda demais!!!
Hummingbird 3 månader sedan
Why Joann?
camily7 3 månader sedan
Te amo
Evilyn Ida Even
Evilyn Ida Even 3 månader sedan
Gaga hi
Adamo Zicarelli
Adamo Zicarelli 4 månader sedan
XT8 MEDIA 4 månader sedan
This a message from a blown mind!!..I am deeply in love with this performance. Lady, I am gaga for you!
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