Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Live Belvedere Gig)

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6 år sedan

Music video by Lady Gaga performing Poker Face [Live Belvedere Gig]. (C) 2008 Interscope Records

abdrahman kandila
abdrahman kandila Månad sedan
she was high
Halp Me
Halp Me 2 månader sedan
Lady Gaga with her piano is everything!
Ruan Benevides
Ruan Benevides 4 månader sedan
John Harrison
John Harrison 7 månader sedan
I've been looking for this vid for a long time. It's been gone and I'm happy that it's back on youtube again :)
Lola Leon
Lola Leon 9 månader sedan
2020? 👏😊
EVAN ADRIEN 9 månader sedan
i had a girl do that..she was on top...when i looked at her...her toung was flapping in the wind..😂😂😂😂😂
EVAN ADRIEN 9 månader sedan
mahdi nobandan
mahdi nobandan 10 månader sedan
I loooooooooooooooooove you gaga ❤❤❤❤
Kai H
Kai H 10 månader sedan
My angel
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega År sedan
MSK År sedan
She sounds like a cabaret singer and I’m here for it 😍
Francisco Loeva
Francisco Loeva År sedan
Think I’m the one wacthing it in 2019
Kate Fox
Kate Fox År sedan
Why i haven't seen this until now what an underrated video
Free Bitch
Free Bitch År sedan
Its called TALENT
Vinícius Porfírio
Vinícius Porfírio År sedan
I fucking love this performance, this version and this women. 2019 and this still great!!
Josie Sucero
Josie Sucero År sedan
My Queen is so pretty talented, i love you so much My Queen.
Paula Antonieta
Paula Antonieta År sedan
Renan Alves
Renan Alves År sedan
I never see that The fame with Artpop
David År sedan
Amanda Germanotta
Amanda Germanotta 2 år sedan
OMG I love this❤️
Texan Child
Texan Child 2 år sedan
When was this performance? It sounds like it was recorded during the ARTPOP era.
Abhay Chauhan
Abhay Chauhan 2 år sedan
Texan Child it’s very obvious
wild,cat T
wild,cat T 2 år sedan
there this song does have to be sextus- there actually is a card game* comment🤔 cheers🍷. 🎭🃏🎙️. ♣️♦️♥️♠️🎲🤹🕹️💧. blue🌀
Evan Hila
Evan Hila 2 år sedan
Rafael Parra
Rafael Parra 2 år sedan
No miraré la cara del poker , solo a ti nena
Yuri Turate
Yuri Turate 2 år sedan
Babula 2 år sedan
Aaaaaaaw she is soooo cute
Jason Wood
Jason Wood 2 år sedan
What is your real hair color
Dancin' In Bloody
Dancin' In Bloody 2 år sedan
Santi 2 år sedan
I havent seen this one before
l u i z is bored
l u i z is bored 2 år sedan
AJRA 2 år sedan
My favorite acoustic performance of Poker Face! My second favorite is the 2008 one at Cherrytree Records. I love how her voice sounds so clean and fresh here, the brightness in her voice is rejuvenating! Compare her performance of this song here to her 2009-2011 ones and here she sounds much more natural and youthful. It really puts a smile on my face.
Farhan Rahman
Farhan Rahman 2 år sedan
"And after he been hooked" , I chocked my food
Louis Felice
Louis Felice 2 år sedan
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Bryan Rios
Bryan Rios 2 år sedan
Hiromi Guadalupe Mateo Joaquin
Hiromi Guadalupe Mateo Joaquin 2 år sedan
hermosa la Reyna del pop
Briet Julien
Briet Julien 2 år sedan
Johnny Poon
Johnny Poon 3 år sedan
Such a Venus look
Arise Arjuna
Arise Arjuna 3 år sedan
this is how you do it. take notes, Idina!
Amando Nacher
Amando Nacher 3 år sedan
I JUST LOVE IT, but i remember when she used to sing this Poker Face version during the Fame era and the vocals where like more raspy and powerful, now she turned a bit more 50's jazzy. Good anyway, but I miss the old version :)
Blue Nam
Blue Nam 3 år sedan
I love Gaga but I really don't like dance songs turned into ballads though
Alexssander Gomes
Alexssander Gomes 3 år sedan
Viktor A_G
Viktor A_G 3 år sedan
When is this from?!😱
Marty McLean
Marty McLean 2 år sedan
tony lucio
tony lucio 3 år sedan
Wtf who else sees the gaga from all those 2009 poker face aucstic it's BEAUTIFUL
Gülce Yurtseven
Gülce Yurtseven 3 år sedan
Ne güzel bir ses yaaaaa 💞
Juan Lara
Juan Lara 3 år sedan
me gusta mucho cuando canta en vivo
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 3 år sedan
2:18 me all the time
Marko Pintar
Marko Pintar 3 år sedan
2:33 she says that so cute-funny awww ♥😍😍 she is the bestt !! love her!!! so powerfull voice!!!
Thalisson Figueiredo
Thalisson Figueiredo 3 år sedan
ícone né amores
Waso YouTuber 2
Waso YouTuber 2 3 år sedan
Louis Felice
Louis Felice 3 år sedan
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Ceejay 3 år sedan
You given me a million reasons to love you Gaga
Emmanuel Rivera
Emmanuel Rivera 3 år sedan
the flaming mother monster, slaying all time as always.
Carla Costa
Carla Costa 4 år sedan
remember glee
Rachel Ryan
Rachel Ryan 4 år sedan
That note at 3:25 😍😍😍
Pajas Sam
Pajas Sam 4 år sedan
she is a good pianist
sidbra jahreTM
sidbra jahreTM 4 år sedan
"you know this song is about a guy i used to date, i would always think about chicks every time we had sex.. and i never wanted him to figure it out because i felt so bad ...but i don't anymore because i wrote a song about it" person in audience: "woo!" gaga: "thx" i fucking love this woman.
Jorge Reinoso
Jorge Reinoso 2 år sedan
no, farm animals
Piti Ik
Piti Ik 2 år sedan
sidbra jahreTM When she said chicks she was speaking about girls ?
sidbra jahreTM
sidbra jahreTM 4 år sedan
this is my new favourite thing ever
Renan Conti Rodrigues
Renan Conti Rodrigues 4 år sedan
Perfect Illusion 💜💜
Alan Costa
Alan Costa 4 år sedan
Charly Yam
Charly Yam 4 år sedan
beautiful :')
Stupid Love
Stupid Love 4 år sedan
I love that song It's amazing
Doug Pierce
Doug Pierce 4 år sedan
Best Voice Ever Gaga is Amazing
Miguel Miranda
Miguel Miranda 4 år sedan
I Love You Si Much Mother Monster!!😍❤💫
Poppins123 4 år sedan
Is she singing live in Anabels Nightclub London here ? I watched a documentary about Anabels the other night and this came on right at the end and kate moss had been saying earlier that lady gaga's set was brilliant
Zach Roberts
Zach Roberts 4 år sedan
Yeah it's at Annabels
Poppins123 4 år sedan
She sounds like Judy Garland here ! Love it !
Teresa black
Teresa black 4 år sedan
lady gaga she is the mother oll Monsters
Darvey Clint Gario
Darvey Clint Gario 4 år sedan
Happy 30th birthday Lady Gaga ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amazing :D
Amazing :D 4 år sedan
geinikan1kan 4 år sedan
"A dollar for my hat please." So she comes on like a eighteenth century Dolly Parton and sings with this instrument of such mastery and subtlety. Genius Thanks. Really, The one popular entertainer nowadays who touches with her mind. Peace. Fucking brilliant is Gaga.
da_hooliii 4 år sedan
What a great live performance.
TopAce6 4 år sedan
@Memoirs Of Mimi's Butterfly, Your Wish came true, Best National Anthem since Whitney Houston
Daniel Hur
Daniel Hur 4 år sedan
Yaaas Gaga
Louis Felice
Louis Felice 4 år sedan
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Jervis Hidalgo
Jervis Hidalgo 4 år sedan
Lady Gaga I Love You're A Superstar
Mariana Marques
Mariana Marques 4 år sedan
Joey Herrera
Joey Herrera 4 år sedan
Bomb Coke
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez 4 år sedan
Lady Gaga💋🚬... My Heart Is For You!😘
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales 5 år sedan
noson masque simples marionetas x microvios delos uluminatesx😈
Alan Vásquez
Alan Vásquez 5 år sedan
The Piano versión is Perfect !
Fenna 5 år sedan
I love this more than the original song...
supercoolio120 5 år sedan
Gaga i love you and I will always be a fan, but what the fuck is that thing on your head?
Caitie G.
Caitie G. 5 år sedan
+supercoolio120 It's either a huge veil wrapped in her hair or her hair is doing something really weird xD
Melissa Rodrigues
Melissa Rodrigues 5 år sedan
kind of beautiful actually
Angela Jackson
Angela Jackson 5 år sedan
That random 666 at 2:33 though
papatryk 5 år sedan
Polish vodka :)
Alexander Saka
Alexander Saka 5 år sedan
No auto or vocoder beautiful
Annaliy 5 år sedan
I would die to listen to this live. I can listen all night
KhmerGuide 5 år sedan
We love you Gaga!! Pls dont silent so long...
Marko Pintar
Marko Pintar 3 år sedan
Stefani Gaga its calls JOANNE!!! 😍♥🙆
Sleepy Ass
Sleepy Ass 5 år sedan
Memoirs Of Mimi's Imprefect Infinity Butterfly 90
Memoirs Of Mimi's Imprefect Infinity Butterfly 90 5 år sedan
GAGA shoulda sang for Super Bowl....
axel vhox
axel vhox 4 månader sedan
Kevin Casey
Kevin Casey 8 månader sedan
Well she did and performed the half time show! She slayed and always will❤️!
Radio Gaga
Radio Gaga 2 år sedan
Your dream came true
wild,cat T
wild,cat T 2 år sedan
Lina Del Rey honeymoon Lina Del Rey yeah nice goodday🌰💘😗
Filipe Cotarelli
Filipe Cotarelli 2 år sedan
She did it babyyyy! The Best Halftime Show♥
Louis Felice
Louis Felice 5 år sedan
02.01.15 : 1 Years !!!
LA ALASKITA 5 år sedan
Вася Иванов
Вася Иванов 5 år sedan
Леди гага уже не торт...
dead child
dead child 5 år sedan
Она супер!
sebbe boi
sebbe boi 5 år sedan
She is Sooo cute and funny! And her voice is perfect! Love her tooo much
jibikao 5 år sedan
Lady Gaga is such a Broadway performer.. fantastic vocal.. brilliant facial and phrasing... what an artist!
Crisanto Fullon
Crisanto Fullon 5 år sedan
The Queen of all Songs...
Donatello FG Music
Donatello FG Music 5 år sedan
The Queen undisputed
Mário Jorge Paulain
Mário Jorge Paulain 5 år sedan
Fabio Silva
Fabio Silva 6 år sedan
my gosh... Your voice Gaga Is very Perfect. Diva queen,Goddess :3
Emily Harris
Emily Harris 6 år sedan
Dafuq is this performance
Daniel Gashi
Daniel Gashi 6 år sedan
This should have been in the album instead of the catchy pop version
Bera Mikimaus
Bera Mikimaus 6 år sedan
Voice love!:-)
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