Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Andrelli Remix) (Official Audio)

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Million Reasons. (C) 2017 Interscope Records

Elider Javier Riveroll Sanchez
Elider Javier Riveroll Sanchez 20 dagar sedan
El remix es increíble, súper radio friendly ❤️
Атанас Атанасов - McQüeen
Атанас Атанасов - McQüeen 23 dagar sedan
*Twerks sadly*
Fabrizio Andre
Fabrizio Andre 23 dagar sedan
El Unico Remix que vale la pena ❤️
Donny Winter
Donny Winter Månad sedan
I love this version of MR so much!
Danilo Månad sedan
Eu odeio REMIX, mas esse eu tenho um apreço especial. 💛
Teera Xo
Teera Xo Månad sedan
Both versions sound good.
James Pereira
James Pereira Månad sedan
13/09/2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Josh Leak
Josh Leak Månad sedan
Go Lady Gaga. hip hip hurry you are very awesome and amazing at singing I loves your soft delicate vice it's like every word is inspired and motivate to listen and cry to. It's a shame that everyone can't sing a song with Lady Gaga. If it was possible that would be very honoured and interesting to sing a song with Fraya Ridding maybe one day 🤔. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND TAKE CARE EVERYONE 💖😷💖😷
Prince McQueen
Prince McQueen 2 månader sedan
This has TheFatRat vibe in it!
Jen Doof
Jen Doof 3 månader sedan
Атанас Атанасов - McQüeen
Атанас Атанасов - McQüeen 5 månader sedan
Anyone here after Rain On Me?
Dexter Calijan
Dexter Calijan 5 månader sedan
I love it 🥰
Cosmic Formaggio 6
Cosmic Formaggio 6 6 månader sedan
Bir lâle senin için 🌷🙃🙂
Harrisonissocat 8 månader sedan
this should have been played after the joanne world tour show, like applause djws in artRAVE and cake in Born This Way Ball
Ana benta Alves
Ana benta Alves 8 månader sedan
André William
André William 9 månader sedan
Simplesmente amo essa versão 😍❤ muito nostálgica Muito melhor do que a original
Zuleima Tejada
Zuleima Tejada 9 månader sedan
Johannes Mar
Johannes Mar 9 månader sedan
why so underrated?
Yugvijay 9 månader sedan
Should have more views
Luis Torres
Luis Torres År sedan
Francisco Teixeira
Francisco Teixeira År sedan
OMG I LOVE THIS (the remix and the Singer😅😅) Portugal loves you GAGA🤩🇵🇹
Shadow Light
Shadow Light År sedan
Marie Décombe
Marie Décombe År sedan
Peut importe le style de musique, les paroles s'accorde avec tous! Avec ta voix magnifique Gaga, tu est la véritable Queen of Pop ! Et tu le seras pour toujours...❤️❤️
Texan Child
Texan Child År sedan
If she wants recognition, she will have to conform to today’s standards. Just as she did during TFM era.
Mateus Gamer
Mateus Gamer År sedan
I love is song
Mateus Gamer
Mateus Gamer År sedan
Good music e good remix
Million Reasons
Million Reasons År sedan
When the song was arrive it was my birthday
Million Reasons
Million Reasons År sedan
I love you!!!!! 😘😘😘❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💗💗
Anetta Woods
Anetta Woods År sedan
🤗me love this remix 😍😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Elber Allan Rodrigues Calheiros
Elber Allan Rodrigues Calheiros År sedan
Wolf Head
Wolf Head År sedan
Lady gaga is white?
Isadora Copatti
Isadora Copatti År sedan
Q bom! Vc acaba de achar um comentario brasileiro! 😂😂
foxet the demonic fox
foxet the demonic fox År sedan
I love this song! It makes me feel like I need to start singing out loud!
Gabriela Świst- Valo
Gabriela Świst- Valo År sedan
Destroyed song by some shity electronic beats made on computer 😧🙉👿👿
Essa remix é perfeita ❤️
Vale 00
Vale 00 År sedan
Rikelmy Meneses
Rikelmy Meneses År sedan
Milions Reasons❤😍
Diane Michelle
Diane Michelle År sedan
Penelope (2006) Years and countries: 2006 (USA) 2010 (Russia)
Κόσμος xάος
Κόσμος xάος År sedan
Milton2k År sedan
Awesome song.......if a remix was needed, this one is the answer.
Fede Gaston
Fede Gaston År sedan
2019 ❤
Geovany År sedan
My love
Asmita Megawati
Asmita Megawati År sedan
I really love this song
Marcos Sánchez
Marcos Sánchez År sedan
Make feel Alive 🙏🏽💞
Djj Bb
Djj Bb År sedan
Great talent great song amazing always!
Louvia År sedan
Still in love with this remix. ♥
Jose Santana
Jose Santana År sedan
Super mixagem, parabéns DJ
Ryan Ryutsukei
Ryan Ryutsukei År sedan
I love this! Tbh I felt the old LadyGaga has been singing songs regarding the devil, which I opposed but now I can feel her regrets and joy and the same time while singing the melodies of lyrics in which has believes in God that will show her the way! Million Reasons, I think the title is to prove that she's clear of those JayZ, Beyonce shit in the past! Hallelujah!
Iván Segundo Faustino
Iván Segundo Faustino År sedan
This remix shows that Million reasons is a perfect song.💓💓💓💓💓
Paulo Sergio
Paulo Sergio År sedan
Amo um hino
Kath Villafranca
Kath Villafranca År sedan
Love it ♥️😍
Hawoye hamar Traore
Hawoye hamar Traore År sedan
Natalija Mickevic
Natalija Mickevic År sedan
Matheus Pereira
Matheus Pereira År sedan
Caralho que Hino da Porra...
N O År sedan
Чья попочк.а в бельё?
Sarah Me
Sarah Me År sedan
mari mariko
mari mariko År sedan
you are perfect😊❤
ShuJen,Jenny, _Yu_
ShuJen,Jenny, _Yu_ 2 år sedan
Thay Ribeiro
Thay Ribeiro 2 år sedan
deleta gaga
Juan Diego
Juan Diego 2 år sedan
Anyone here in September, 2018?
Агата STAR
Агата STAR 2 år sedan
G-force avenue
G-force avenue 2 år sedan
Silent lovers should enjoy all the noise in the world for they know how to0 create a song for those they love close, even when it was a long time ago.
Fer Nando
Fer Nando 2 år sedan
I love this version ❤
Efren Hernandez
Efren Hernandez 2 år sedan
I love the song I love you Lady Gaga ❤ 😢❤👏💔
Yasin Bildik
Yasin Bildik 2 år sedan
Daniela Quintanilla
Daniela Quintanilla 2 år sedan
electropop and country😍❤
Daniela Quintanilla
Daniela Quintanilla 2 år sedan
Best music
Well Rad
Well Rad 2 år sedan
*A BOP!!!*
Cir Ac
Cir Ac 2 år sedan
Катя Атаман
Катя Атаман 2 år sedan
love this remix
Yashwant Gurjar
Yashwant Gurjar 2 år sedan
mother monster!!!! paws up, cause all of us were born this way
MR SHANDRET 2 år sedan
Isaias Braga
Isaias Braga 2 år sedan
Amei ficou muito bom👏👏👏
Samantha Meessen
Samantha Meessen 2 år sedan
This song needs more views. Like isn’t this the best mix ever? :o
Miguel Soa
Miguel Soa 2 år sedan
Andrelli needs to work with gaga on her new album!
Colby Aguilar
Colby Aguilar 2 år sedan
You go and be you, Mother Monster. I will be faithful to the end, despite what others may think of your latest musical evolutions. In my opinion, this song is as good as Poker Face. Haters can hate, just goes to show they were never true fans. Gaga, you've left me speachless.
João Victor Santos
João Victor Santos 2 år sedan
É muito bom este remix eu simplesmente amo 😃
Blue Gwyn
Blue Gwyn 2 år sedan
This is better than the original
It’s L¡lly
It’s L¡lly 2 år sedan
I love poker face
Ashley Violet
Ashley Violet 2 år sedan
I like her older songs better!
Jamile Taina
Jamile Taina 2 år sedan
minha mussa linda amo esse jeito milion
Nick Name
Nick Name 2 år sedan
Jamile Taina paws up
Natalia Ruiz
Natalia Ruiz 2 år sedan
Million reasons is perfect
Natalia Ruiz
Natalia Ruiz 2 år sedan
I love 😍😍😘😘😘
HizuuTM. 2 år sedan
Mrs Renae Oheadley
Mrs Renae Oheadley 2 år sedan
Jimin Mochi
Jimin Mochi 2 år sedan
God, I love this song!!!
Sari Ningsih
Sari Ningsih 2 år sedan
Mommy Monster...(is it annoying if i call her Mommy?) were a whole life inspiration to me..from the first time. You showed me how to think good before doing. Then you showed me to love yourself. And now you are teachin' me how to just be an inspirateful person every second, im your biggest fan, im your Little Monster, we are your Little Monsters. And you showed us all that life can sometimes be hard to live, like you have Fybromyalgia i have that too btw, so i feel some connections between us :'). You bring me to life...for the last time...Mommy, i always wished you to come to Indonesia! I always felt sad when you were sad, i always felt angry when you were angry. And i saw how your life was in Five Foot Two!. Mommy, you are just gave me a million reasons to live how life was made! YOU INSPIRED ME, YOU INSPIRED US!!...WE ARE YOUR LITTLE MONSTERS!!!! I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA!!!😭😙😍😌👏💖💗💘💝💞💕👌Mommy, keep your paws up!😊
Elena Helszky
Elena Helszky 2 år sedan
Rikar Batarang
Rikar Batarang 2 år sedan
This song very nice
Aaron Gerber
Aaron Gerber 2 år sedan
this is the only remix i like besides just dance remix
Bryan Gusty
Bryan Gusty 2 år sedan
Me encantaaa❤
Bibo Monster
Bibo Monster 2 år sedan
أنا عندى مليون سبب يجعلنى أعشق هذه الأغنية !!! ♥♥♥
Dilo Yorch!
Dilo Yorch! 2 år sedan
Driving on the highway at night with your friends listening to this with the moonlight above you it's magical.
Jaime Germanotta
Jaime Germanotta År sedan
Sounds perfect
Tube Studios Creative
Tube Studios Creative 2 år sedan
OK !!! 👍👍👍👏👏👏
Pessyn Symmon
Pessyn Symmon 2 år sedan
I love this remix 💓
Kassy D.L.G
Kassy D.L.G 2 år sedan
9 months later and she isn’t here anymore, omg wut happened to her amazing songs I mean 7 years later and I’m still listening to her song telephone
Giovanna Fernandes
Giovanna Fernandes 2 år sedan
Thanks Lady for this music.👏👏👏
Marisa Dawn Wren
Marisa Dawn Wren 2 år sedan
Brilliant, love it
Cheyenne Smith
Cheyenne Smith 2 år sedan
I am vibing so hard to this right now🖤 I fucking love her and support her in whatever she does.
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando 2 år sedan
me encantan está canción
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