Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Live from Jazz At Lincoln Center)

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6 år sedan

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Omkar Pangam
Omkar Pangam 4 timmar sedan
I watched kill bill vol. 1 and found this. That's true.
Toria Galaxy
Toria Galaxy 11 timmar sedan
Scorching jazz and vocals...gave me chills. Love it all
Caroline Moses
Caroline Moses 17 timmar sedan
Andressa Nunes
Andressa Nunes 21 timme sedan
eu fico toda arrepiada, ave maria
Flit Dag sedan
Aaron Christianson
Aaron Christianson 2 dagar sedan
These pipes are so legit.
Albino Saschoopasquatch
Albino Saschoopasquatch 2 dagar sedan
I can see Liz Gillies doing this with no smiles
TheCitycat1000 3 dagar sedan
her tone is just so crisp. this is an amazing performance wow.
Любовь Андреева
Любовь Андреева 3 dagar sedan
c1nico 3 dagar sedan
That voice.
CHROMATICA 3 dagar sedan
Jafeth Gonzalez
Jafeth Gonzalez 3 dagar sedan
Perfect performance
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 3 dagar sedan
L ♥️
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 3 dagar sedan
O ♥️
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 3 dagar sedan
V ♥️
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius 3 dagar sedan
E ♥️
hannah naha
hannah naha 3 dagar sedan
petition for this on Spotify
5674 82
5674 82 3 dagar sedan
Elmer Fuenmayor
Elmer Fuenmayor 4 dagar sedan
I would llike to know ... when and where was that...???
Elmer Fuenmayor
Elmer Fuenmayor 4 dagar sedan
Her perfonmanse is so great but When it was..?
Paul Radley
Paul Radley 5 dagar sedan
Absolutely nailed it
martha monson
martha monson 5 dagar sedan
Alberto Pimentel
Alberto Pimentel 6 dagar sedan
I need this on spotify 😩😩😩
Lucy 6 dagar sedan
her look reminds me of when cher did west side story as a one woman show
Raffaele Saponaro
Raffaele Saponaro 7 dagar sedan
Che interpretazione! Che arrangiamento!
Selene Spinello
Selene Spinello 8 dagar sedan
What an ugly Voice and Outfit. 🙄
V 7 dagar sedan
Priscilla Cueto
Priscilla Cueto 8 dagar sedan
Coded:Loaded:2 Seconds before Sky Lab lost battery power:: Un-known Zip
Apostle 8 dagar sedan
Ygor 9 dagar sedan
Down,down,down,down... turutu rutur turu rururu
JF Hayet
JF Hayet 9 dagar sedan
Perfection to the 10th power!!
Zoe meow
Zoe meow 9 dagar sedan
Daniel Hubley
Daniel Hubley 9 dagar sedan
She sure does love that applause 🥰😍🤩
Bianca Đặng
Bianca Đặng 9 dagar sedan
AKY BOOM 11 dagar sedan
i love her but sometimes she scream too much where she doesnt have to
Kpessekou Zonmiyikou
Kpessekou Zonmiyikou 11 dagar sedan
Not possible not to be fan!
Karen Willis
Karen Willis 11 dagar sedan
A passionate life whose fault was it, and does any one really care. Jazz changes all of that a strange, apothecary, of tears mixed with blood.
Yelena Croitor
Yelena Croitor 11 dagar sedan
The best Bend Beng
cuptain Marr-ell
cuptain Marr-ell 12 dagar sedan
This girl is gifted with a voice that she can handle so well!!!
suzane fardin
suzane fardin 12 dagar sedan
Remember Lisa Minnelli
Justyna Wojcicka
Justyna Wojcicka 12 dagar sedan
Musical withaut autentic emotion.....sorry not like is technic not thru feeling I need more
Joe Tlawmte
Joe Tlawmte 13 dagar sedan
I still have shivers to this day listening to her high notes. Her voice here is phenomenal.
Azizo Rhania
Azizo Rhania 13 dagar sedan
Wow! She's really awesome!!
dreamingScarlett \m/
dreamingScarlett \m/ 13 dagar sedan
This looks and feels like a jazzy version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Noaah Martinez
Noaah Martinez 13 dagar sedan
Ummm iconic
Umesh Thorbole
Umesh Thorbole 14 dagar sedan
First time I thought i should go to concerts of American singer.
Nawt Mo
Nawt Mo 14 dagar sedan
I love Jazz
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald 14 dagar sedan
her voice is so full and rich here love it !!!
net60man 15 dagar sedan
Bng just
dd zul
dd zul 15 dagar sedan
M J 16 dagar sedan
This is BOND 007 song 💯
Richard Vieira
Richard Vieira 16 dagar sedan
The original is better than this
Jillian McGuire
Jillian McGuire 16 dagar sedan
The way she hits the ending consonants
Sosomylove one
Sosomylove one 16 dagar sedan
This song suits amy winehouse more
Diego Andrade
Diego Andrade 16 dagar sedan
Que mulher maravilhosa ❤️😍 I love Lady Gaga 😍❤️ que voz incrível ❤️😍 perfeição 😍❤️ Cantar muito
Tiziano Serantes
Tiziano Serantes 16 dagar sedan
this look like blackfishing
isa -
isa - 2 timmar sedan
idk there's ppl with curly hair but a fair skin tone
JonhyTheKronika 16 dagar sedan
I love it! She's so amazing and that voice? My god. Everytime is so much better. Cher must be proud of her for singing her song!
JjJj idiot But Handsome
JjJj idiot But Handsome 17 dagar sedan
I'm sorry for my self to watch this🤮
JjJj idiot But Handsome
JjJj idiot But Handsome 6 dagar sedan
@Fdhshshs Bssuvs Who give a shit!
JjJj idiot But Handsome
JjJj idiot But Handsome 6 dagar sedan
@Johny Marinelli I see you have a brain too😂😂😂
Fdhshshs Bssuvs
Fdhshshs Bssuvs 6 dagar sedan
Whose business was it for then u really thought Gaga would seee this lolll
Johny Marinelli
Johny Marinelli 11 dagar sedan
@Joey Smith You’re so sweet, leave this no-brainer alone...
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 14 dagar sedan
@JjJj idiot But Handsome If you don’t want people talking and replying to you, maybe try not making comments in the first place. Especially comments that hate on the fabulous Lady Gaga for no said reason
ManuMiAS 17 dagar sedan
can she be more authentic instead of wearing wigs and playing characters? it completely overshadows her talent. She reminds me the alien from family guy.
ManuMiAS 14 dagar sedan
@Joey Smith I just don't see it the same as you, I feel those costumes and characters are stupid but yeah ty.
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 14 dagar sedan
@ManuMiAS Duh, I know it’s your opinion, and I am dealing with it, by saying that I personally disagree and giving reasons why. Here’s some more reasons (I hope you can “live with it”) Your opinion is really close minded. Here’s why: - Why do you tie wearing wigs to clownery and being in-authentic? Are people still this stupid and close minded? - Why does performing multiple genres of music and donning characters to accompany them become classified as inauthentic? It’s actually the opposite, she’s expressing herself through art. - How is what GaGa is doing boring? She has given us so much to listen to across all genres, truly one of the greats. What she has and will do is revolutionary.
ManuMiAS 14 dagar sedan
@Joey Smith yeah idk man its called OPINION? so you have to live with it.
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 14 dagar sedan
@ManuMiAS How the hell is Gaga a “Clowny costume character”, what ever she does she it is well thought out and genuine. Not clowny. You just want Gaga to be boring. You want one of the good qualities of Gaga gone (creativity)
ManuMiAS 14 dagar sedan
@Joey Smith well back at you, I disagree completely, I feel this whole clowny costume character to play is boring already.
Colby Lilly
Colby Lilly 17 dagar sedan
Objective quality in vocal performance and presence. We cherish Lady GaGa.
Tommy Thornton
Tommy Thornton 17 dagar sedan
Better than the original.
Elin Eriksson
Elin Eriksson 17 dagar sedan
Not to hate on Gaga but how I wish that it was Amy up there singing, and the same with the work with Tony Bennett.. Amys voice has much more umpf and personality, a real jazz singer that is.. ❤️✨
Total Voice Studio
Total Voice Studio 18 dagar sedan
Never underestimate the GaGa!!!
Osky Rahadi
Osky Rahadi 18 dagar sedan
Karen kat Flores
Karen kat Flores 18 dagar sedan
I love it!!!!
Richard Desmond
Richard Desmond 18 dagar sedan
This and she--is so amazingly good, other worldly good.
Selena Solano
Selena Solano 19 dagar sedan
This is like the 4th time watching this video and it still gives me goosebumps 🥺✨💕
Gorkem A
Gorkem A 19 dagar sedan
This is a great performance from Mother Monster and i don’t even like jazz. Her talent is beyond evaluations
Ja'Tovia Gary
Ja'Tovia Gary 19 dagar sedan
She ate that.
Angelina Lase
Angelina Lase 19 dagar sedan
David Guetta
divaenvy 19 dagar sedan
As close to perfect as possible. Love the Cher wig!!!
Stephanie Principal
Stephanie Principal 19 dagar sedan
I can’t get enough of this performance
Sierra McCoy
Sierra McCoy 19 dagar sedan
How am I just now seeing this!?
Глеб Иванов
Глеб Иванов 20 dagar sedan
I love gaga
Visit 20 dagar sedan
watching this in 2020 and thinking how queen she is...
NZYOGAGIRL Larissa 20 dagar sedan
Luis Enrique Rojas Gomez
Luis Enrique Rojas Gomez 20 dagar sedan
Nadie como Amy xD
Evan McInnes
Evan McInnes 20 dagar sedan
Yeah. I love the drama. She's incredibly talented. But where the authenticity? Where is the humility? Where is the vulnerability? It's missing.
Stephanie Gour
Stephanie Gour 20 dagar sedan
nichole rose
nichole rose 21 dag sedan
this is perfection.
Kubilay Önel
Kubilay Önel 21 dag sedan
Kız seni yerum
Francesca Donzelli
Francesca Donzelli 21 dag sedan
i love her
Divorah Kenitt
Divorah Kenitt 21 dag sedan
Her wig looks like my natural hair and for some reason I find it hilarious on her.
Camila Gómez
Camila Gómez 21 dag sedan
no puede ser que llore cada vez que veo esto!!!!!!!!
Laith Youkhanis
Laith Youkhanis 21 dag sedan
Lady Gaga you are amazing and you just brought the best out of all the band that preformed with you on this song I salute you all❤️❤️👏👏
Laith Youkhanis
Laith Youkhanis 21 dag sedan
I know she can sing and make great hits but this one is the best for me by far . You have my humble respect ❤️❤️ keep up the old musics alive one day our kids will appreciate the good simple life
Rachel T. M.
Rachel T. M. 21 dag sedan
Bravo Gaga! Perfect control of your voice. Love it! Why am I seing this only 6 years later?!!
Geraldine McLaughlin
Geraldine McLaughlin 21 dag sedan
Speechless 😢😢🍀
Ana Maria Canales Perez
Ana Maria Canales Perez 21 dag sedan
La diosa de rojobravooooo.
Sabrina Barbz
Sabrina Barbz 21 dag sedan
AMAZING vocals
J.IMPERIAL 22 dagar sedan
Whew....chills. She's beyond talented and she brings any song she touches to life. For 4 mins I wasnt even in 2020...she took me back to the old days.
linapolipo 22 dagar sedan
Gawd she's such an aries
Antonio Rivera
Antonio Rivera 22 dagar sedan
toy story 4
Pablo Martínez
Pablo Martínez 22 dagar sedan
xoxo Ivette
xoxo Ivette 22 dagar sedan
hace meses me vi Kill Bill y justo ahora me recomienda esto yt, no hace bien su trabajo de acosarme constantemente
Ebony Johnson Music
Ebony Johnson Music 23 dagar sedan
Literally ❤️ Lady G! She fights her pains every day and delivers every time. Please check my SVfrom channel. As soon as I'm feeling better, I'm back up fighting just like Gaga and will post some more videos ❤️🌹
Storytelling by
Storytelling by 23 dagar sedan
June Barrie
June Barrie 24 dagar sedan
Why am I only seeing this now ?????????
chocolate garden
chocolate garden 24 dagar sedan
Lilith Torres
Lilith Torres 24 dagar sedan
Apresentação icônica, era jazz foi incrível
Matt Avello
Matt Avello 24 dagar sedan
How can anyone dislike this masterpiece?
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