Lady Gaga - Babylon (Audio)
Lady Gaga - Fun Tonight (Audio)
Lady Gaga - Replay (Audio)
Lady Gaga - 1000 Doves (Audio)
Lady Gaga - Alice (Audio)
6 månader sedan
Lady Gaga - Free Woman (Audio)
Lady Gaga - Enigma (Audio)
Lady Gaga - 911 (Audio)
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Lady Gaga - A-YO (Live)
Jennifer Dsouza
Jennifer Dsouza 20 timmar sedan
GAGA is a pop Legend !!
patrick buergo
patrick buergo 20 timmar sedan
Oleh HL
Oleh HL 20 timmar sedan
I often write y when i try to open youtube but now it opened so i wrote yo and it didnt autocomplete then i ended up here.
Elias Dias
Elias Dias 20 timmar sedan
Grant Casiño
Grant Casiño 20 timmar sedan
0:33 D A N C I N A I R P O D S
Nasty Shoto
Nasty Shoto 20 timmar sedan
2009 omg 2020: I'm a Joke to U
Just give me Hate comments
Just give me Hate comments 20 timmar sedan
This is so dumb why did even let her even join so dumb dude james was probably pissed off
lemming2385 20 timmar sedan
Lady gaga
Longnam Kharpuri
Longnam Kharpuri 20 timmar sedan
There's a book called "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame" and it's available for free on researchgate. Just found it!
Natalie Lagunas
Natalie Lagunas 20 timmar sedan
Am i the only one that thought this wasn’t scary when i was younger i thought it was so unique and cool
UZ FERUZ 20 timmar sedan
🇺🇿👍Gap yo'q. Ledy Gaga i konsertni tashkil qilganlargaxam 👍2020
Philyra Kwan
Philyra Kwan 20 timmar sedan
This is amazing....
My Universe
My Universe 20 timmar sedan
Russell Bragais
Russell Bragais 20 timmar sedan
This MUSIC VIDEO deserve BILLIONS of views🥺🥺 Who's with me
SumSum Playz
SumSum Playz 20 timmar sedan
Lady Gaga:I want your everything as long it's free Me:Ok you want corona?
Leonardo Hugo
Leonardo Hugo 20 timmar sedan
Leonardo Hugo
Leonardo Hugo 20 timmar sedan
Josefuu Juztar
Josefuu Juztar 20 timmar sedan
Born This Way JoJo stando.
emma 20 timmar sedan
at the time of my good school friends death, and the days leading to it, this was her favourite song. Miss you hannah 💕
Shridhar Baghel
Shridhar Baghel 20 timmar sedan
I somehow chose the green dress as my sister's Halloween costume (YA SHE WAS LADY GAGA)
Daniella Clarisse Sun
Daniella Clarisse Sun 20 timmar sedan
I had a friend who was scared of this MV when he was younger lmao
Shirley Stockard
Shirley Stockard 20 timmar sedan
This is good, no, great pop song. But it didn't deserve the Oscar. Buster Scruggs did. Muh.
yuki mikoshiba
yuki mikoshiba 20 timmar sedan
I’m the biggest fan of Lady Gaga!!!😂🤣😍
Madolite 20 timmar sedan
5555 is all I wanna say. :)
ASEPtic _soap
ASEPtic _soap 21 timme sedan
삐리뽐빼리뽐 표절한거같은데 가가가 춤도 그렇고
Florian Michel
Florian Michel 21 timme sedan
Karen Lubrin
Karen Lubrin 21 timme sedan
Gaga still the best hooooooooooooo mother monster ..
ASEPtic _soap
ASEPtic _soap 21 timme sedan
Faiz Mazli
Faiz Mazli 21 timme sedan
How this MV can lose with Taylor swift Cardigan at Amas award?
Guillermo Limas
Guillermo Limas 21 timme sedan
300M Go Go!
Guillermo Limas
Guillermo Limas 21 timme sedan
Menos de 12 millones para los 100
Monkey Youtube
Monkey Youtube 21 timme sedan
I Love You 🙉😚😇😌
RDP 21 timme sedan
there are concert plans in Indonesia 😭❤️❤️
GUILHERME REIS 21 timme sedan
Cadê os brasileiros? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Monkey Youtube
Monkey Youtube 21 timme sedan
I Love Lady gaga 🙉🙉🙉🙉😚
Cassiano Carvalho
Cassiano Carvalho 21 timme sedan
Mother, queremos muito um clipe desse Hino, por favor. <3 :(
RDP 21 timme sedan
there are concert plans in Indonesia❓❤️
ariana tantra
ariana tantra 21 timme sedan
Anonimo Anonimo
Anonimo Anonimo 21 timme sedan
Guys you can’t say they aren’t in love. God damn, watch them. This chemistry is not only for a star is born, they are in love for me. They are that couple who poets write about, that super and cute kind of love that everyone dreams about. If they won’t fall in love, I swear, I will not believe in love. This is the perfect example for RIGHT PERSON WRONG TIME. I’m still here today wishing that one day I’ll wake up and I’ll found them kissing somewhere. This will be my last hope with love.
Chris Cross
Chris Cross 21 timme sedan
Nice song
Alex Soul
Alex Soul 21 timme sedan
Аслан Самурханов
Аслан Самурханов 21 timme sedan
Водку как вискарь пьют ГЕНИАЛЬНО!!!
Thokozani Gabela
Thokozani Gabela 21 timme sedan
Literally the best movie of 2018
Aureola 21 timme sedan
Just found out that Robert Rodriguez directed this #GOAT
-{Jordan López}-
-{Jordan López}- 21 timme sedan
Anvay Bhure
Anvay Bhure 21 timme sedan
Driving around Los Santos in full speed and this song comes on😍
KRIZZY KRIZZY 21 timme sedan
I hate u kuz ppl compare me to u in the rudest of ways just saying. Luh yew
UriHussain RBLX
UriHussain RBLX 21 timme sedan
Disclaimer! This music video is not for kids!!!!
NoCopyrightAndCopyrightsong NACs
NoCopyrightAndCopyrightsong NACs 21 timme sedan
This is, really awesome,
gaky shroof
gaky shroof 21 timme sedan
I listen to all the languages ​​of the world, including songs and words, and I try to translate everything that I hear. I did not find any admiration from America and India
Fenris Wolf
Fenris Wolf 21 timme sedan
I am getting the same feeling with Lady Gaga like a got with W.Hustom. She is amazing.
Coral Gibson
Coral Gibson 21 timme sedan
*Аdult Оnlу 18+* !!! ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ *XXXDATES.ONLINE* ------------------------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent.... contacto con él p beste
ky yeates
ky yeates 21 timme sedan
I watched the movie the other day and I cried at the end because it was such a good movie.
Katarzyna J-S
Katarzyna J-S 22 timmar sedan
that was soooooooo nice!
Irwing Monster
Irwing Monster 22 timmar sedan
Cada vez falta menos para los MIL MILLONES 🔥 SHALLOW se lo merece 🧡
Eric Ruiz
Eric Ruiz 22 timmar sedan
California love
Alicia Lai
Alicia Lai 22 timmar sedan
Ronalyn Nisperos
Ronalyn Nisperos 22 timmar sedan
Still waiting for the music video of this song.
Ianfloyd Legara
Ianfloyd Legara 22 timmar sedan
Whos listening now 2020 november
ESC Georgia
ESC Georgia 22 timmar sedan
Anyone in November 2020? Queen Lady Gaga!
Arch Angel
Arch Angel 22 timmar sedan
If you're gonna be involved... Pay.....
JacobCarlosAndasan 21
JacobCarlosAndasan 21 22 timmar sedan
Me: Watches Stupid Love Me Thinking: is this a team of colors in Among Us?
Miguel Ángel Flores Hernández
Miguel Ángel Flores Hernández 22 timmar sedan
yes by god what a great song 💞
Miguel Ángel Flores Hernández
Miguel Ángel Flores Hernández 22 timmar sedan
yes by god what a great song 💞
Joey LaScala
Joey LaScala 22 timmar sedan
this is my favorite song of all time
Shrimoyee Ray
Shrimoyee Ray 22 timmar sedan
I want your disease **Coronavirus has entered the chat**
Arch Angel
Arch Angel 22 timmar sedan
I don't have Enough money or balance about what it put me through. I can't. I need more balance.
Umchile YuH
Umchile YuH 22 timmar sedan
I remember listening to this in the car with my sisters
rxainbowsalttt 22 timmar sedan
this is srlsy 11 years old!?
phlegm chunks
phlegm chunks 22 timmar sedan
what's the song playing through the boombox?...
phlegm chunks
phlegm chunks 21 timme sedan
@Brody Schultz THANK YOU SO MUCH
Brody Schultz
Brody Schultz 21 timme sedan
Paper Gangsta by Lady Gaga. It's from her debut album The Fame
M Miller
M Miller 22 timmar sedan
Cartman stopped by to say wassup...😂
Jay Ar Antiola Abelo
Jay Ar Antiola Abelo 22 timmar sedan
8:43 minutes? Seriously? Omg 🤯
Kholin Ambos
Kholin Ambos 22 timmar sedan
Old But gold yass lady gaga queen
Daiana Diaz
Daiana Diaz 22 timmar sedan
Me guto
Amber Ruxpin ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ
Amber Ruxpin ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ 22 timmar sedan
This took 5:08 mins of my life that I'll never get back and I'm very glad it did ;)
özgür çetinkaya
özgür çetinkaya 22 timmar sedan
Vay be
Dinxsrs 22 timmar sedan
Ada orng indo ga? Disini?:v
Sanjay Choudhary
Sanjay Choudhary 22 timmar sedan
Remember when she robbed the Vma's with this...
thodai chuyendalon
thodai chuyendalon 22 timmar sedan
jcole it2 benazelart realtime anuelaa endgame
KIN 22 timmar sedan
Since when did the music video have a 3 minute intro before the song actually started.....
Suliasi Silisiliwaca
Suliasi Silisiliwaca 22 timmar sedan
I used to be a fan but after hearing this masterpiece,i'm a whole air conditioner